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An Olesian official of relatively high standing. One of her duties is public relations. Marin was responsible for dispatching an Olesian ship when the Puddle Jumper was detected on the prisoner's island. She greeted Colonel Sheppard and his team and escorted them to the Magistrate's office.

Marin was determined to inform Dr. Weir of the worsening situation that the Magistrate had not shared. The government had been tightening its grip on the people, lowering the bar of what is considered "unlawful" so that the prison island would continue to be populated by enough people for the Wraith to feed upon.

Eventually she spoke of this outright to Dr. Weir, but was almost instantly arrested by the Magistrate and his team. She was charged with "undermining the Olesian government, spinning lies to suit her organization's treasonable agenda."


PLAYED BY - Kyla Anderson


Condemned - Sheppard's team is greeted by Marin, an Olesian official, who soon begins to elude to a large problem covered by the Olesian government.