Osric's people

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A pre-industrial civilization, Celtic in origin, based on a world at the center of a galactic tetrahedron of Castiana, Sahal and Vagonbrei. A notable local, Osric, maintained the village archives, including the Parchment of Virtues.

The people were well aware of the curse of Morgan Le Fay, one which protected the Sangraal at the base of a nearby mountain. Superstition intensified as several locals, including Phaedra and her son, left the perimeter of safety and never returned.

From ancient times Osric's people had been accustomed to pointing in the right direction those brave enough to seek out the Sangraal. It had been many generations since they had entertained travelers in search of it, but Baal, SG-1 and an Ori army all arrived inside one week in search of it.

Upon the arrival of the Ori, the entire village archive was burned in the town square, to be replaced with the Book of Origin -- and Origin's teachings.


HOMEWORLD - Osric's planet
FIRST APPEARED - The Quest, Part 1


The Quest, Part 1 - SG-1 greets Osric's people, who inform them that the team is the second group of brave souls to have come in search of the Sangraal -- in less than one week.