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Daganian woman, master handler of the new Brotherhood. She worked with John Sheppard's unit, particularly Dr. Rodney McKay, in the hopes that they would uncover the Potentia (known to the Atlantis team as a Zero Point Module). According to the legend of the Brotherhood, when the Lanteans returned to reclaim their technology the people would be rewarded.

Allina found herself attracted to Dr. McKay, but he was oblivious to her advances until his teammates pointed out the obvious. Late one night Allina questioned him about growing up in Atlantis, but he openly admitted that the expedition had only arrived months before. She was surprised, but did not show this fact.

Allina participated in the digs to uncover six stone tablets which would be used to access the Potentia, unaware that they were being watched by the Genii. Dr. McKay deduced that the coordinates inscribed on the face of each of the tablets were star constellations. But before they could exit the Quindosim chamber they were in Commander Acastus Kolya of the Genii revealed himself. Allina's associate, Sanir, admitted to conspiring with the Genii to gain their aid.

Allina and Dr. McKay were eventually able to locate the coordinates of the final stone tablet (inside the Quindosim monetary) and returned with the final piece to the underground chamber. Major Sheppard examined the stone tablets and organized the stones in such a way that forced the Potentia to emerge.

Back on the surface Allina used the Genii's aid to take the Potentia from Dr. McKay, intending to safeguard it until the real Ancients returned to reward them for their efforts in protecting the device. Despite the team's warnings that there soon may no longer be an Atlantis to defend, Allina's ears were shut.


PLAYED BY - Jana Mitsoula
FIRST APPEARED - The Brotherhood


The Brotherhood - Allina, the master handler of the new Brotherhood, works with the Atlantis expedition to uncover the Potentia and take it into her protective care.