Keturah's people

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Meager settlement of citizens under the leadership of the Chieftain, Keturah. Aware of the Wraith and their destructive potential, the people were hesitant to welcome Ronon Dex into their village. Not realizing he was a Runner, his prolonged visit called the Wraith to him. Their visit was swift and merciless, and left many of Keturah's people dead, including his daughter, Linor.

Several years later, Ronon, a part of John Sheppard's unit, returned to the planet unawares. The villagers captured Ronon, Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan. Rodney Mckay, although wounded by an arrow, escaped back to Atlantis. Keturah, who made a promise with the Wraith who previously attacked his people, activated his own personal Wraith transmitter. His arrangement was that if he could successfully recapture Ronon the Wraith would never touch his people again.

The Wraith lied. Upon their arrival, they took Dex for themselves and destroyed what remained of Keturah and his people.


HOMEWORLD - Keturah's planet


Sateda - Keturah's people, still healing from a culling brought on by the arrival of Ronon Dex, find they are beside themselves when he returns unexpectedly.