Orb organisms

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The only survivors of P5C-353, a desolated, zero-atmosphere world (called "Tel'mak" by the Jaffa), preserved within a small Orb until someone arrived to carry the object into an adequate environment for spreading. Detecting an incredible power source within the orb, SG-1 returned with the object to Earth.

After analysis, the organisms within the orb realized it was about to be returned to its planet, and emanated strong spikes to embed itself in the concrete of the embarkation room, impaling Colonel O'Neill in one of the sharp tubules.

Eventually being allowed to flourish with an adequate amount of energy, the organisms gained adequate strength to make a spokesperson out of O'Neill, who declared their intentions to move to an uninhabited world. With SG-1's help, they did just that.


FIRST APPEARED - Message In a Bottle


Message In a Bottle - After noting that the orb is rising in temperature, Carter has Teal'c take her latest fascination to the Gate Room, but on detection of the Stargate's activation, the orb chooses to stay on Earth.