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Planet under the control of Nirrti following her escape from the S.G.C.. Originally home to a peaceful people, Nirrti arrived in secrecy and plagued the colony with horrifying illnesses. She then revealed herself and promised to cure them, in reality subjecting the residents to a series of genetic experiments using an Ancient genetic manipulation device.

Eventually SG-1 arrived and deposed her, returning authority to the people who began the healing process with the device.

The world is plentiful in tall, coniferous trees and beautiful formations of stone, as well as the low orbit of at least one moon. The presence of the device suggests that this world may have once been home to a colony of Ancients.


HOME TO - Alebran's people
FIRST APPEARED - Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis - Following a survey mission to P3X-367 the Russian Stargate team returns with a local inhabitant who pleads for their aid.