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The original Brotherhood of fifteen monks whose sole occupation was to keep the Potentia safe, until the Ancients returned to reward them for safeguarding it. The body consisted of a master handler, five protectors and nine stone carriers.

The Quindosim's greatest fear was that the entire brotherhood might one day be culled, which would result in the Potentia going missing, as only they knew its true location. The Brotherhood created nine stone markers which, when combined, would reveal the location of their treasure.

The original Brotherhood was destroyed by a Wraith culling, but they survived long enough to hide the Potentia in a Quindosim chamber. Their work would eventually be continued by Allina, the new master handler of the Potentia, when it was recovered.


The Brotherhood - The Quindosim are wiped out by a Wraith culling, but their legacy eventually lives on when the Potentia is recovered.