Ring Ceremony

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The Athosians funeral ceremony, rare in that it is reserved for Athosians who die of natural causes -- who are not captured and eaten by the Wraith. The Ring Ceremony is specifically designed to celebrate long life and freedom from the mortal coil and life in fear of the Wraith.

A typical Ring Ceremony prominently feature a ring of stones laid out around the body. These stones symbolize the Ring of the Ancestors, or the Stargate. With the body in the center, friends and loved ones gather and bestow gifts. These may include candles, books, and other items of significance to the dead.

A prominent figure, or someone of kinship to the deceased, may sing over the body while Athosian instruments are played.


Critical Mass - Charin makes her last wish known to Teyla, who later prepares and conducts the Ring Ceremony in the City of the Ancestors following her death.