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Young resident of Colorado Springs, who spent summer vacation snooping around in condemned buildings with her water gun. She accidentally stumbled across a symbiote-deprived Teal'c, who was undergoing a cocoon-like, insect transformation after an encounter with insects from BP6-3Q1. Ally, despite the warnings of her working father, decided to trust Teal'c. She departed and later returned to bring him chocolate bars to keep up his strength.

At Teal'c's request, Ally located a phone booth and called the Air Force, specifically Jack O'Neill, who arrived on the scene with a team to bring Teal'c back to the S.G.C. for treatment. Later, Teal'c returned and, with gratitude, brought Ally a stronger water gun with greater range and power. He had also armed himself with a similar squirt gun to go and do battle with his young friend.


PLAYED BY - Colleen Rennison


Bane - The young Ally, bored with summer vacation and ridiculous friends, discovers nothing better to do than aid a strange-looking man undergoing an unusual transformation.