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The equivalent of an attorney in the Tollan legal system. In Triad, an archon would be assigned to a seeker and would speak on his or her behalf. An archon would be assigned to each side of the issue, with another neutral archon decreeing the final vote. The archons would bring together a three-sided preceding, hence the Triad.

More than one archon on each side of the issue was allowed, but each group would have only one vote.

A neutral archon is one who must remain completely unbiased during triadic proceedings. They are encouraged to be left unattended during recesses.

Near the end of the session, the neutral archon must make the swinging vote in favor of either side of the matter.


Pretense - The Abydonian Skaara asks for the presence of SG-1 to defend him as archons in his attempt to rid himself of the Goa'uld demon, Klorel, while the Nox Lya is called upon to play the role of neutral archon.