Aschen bio-weapon

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Biological weapon developed by the hostile Aschen, which is deployed in the form of a glowing, sphere. The weapon is designed to target and destroy a specific type of D.N.A., making it capable of wiping out entire select species -- while leaving all others unharmed.

The bio-weapons can be deployed from the ventral side of Aschen harvesters. The range of these devices is unknown, though it can be assumed that a single orb can inflict apocalyptic damage.

The Aschen also possess a number of other efficient delivery systems for deploying these weapons, helping them in their goals of wiping out competitive species and taking control of their natural resources.


2001 - Their secrets uncovered, the Aschen resort to wiping out Earth with one of their bio weapons. Carter escapes to Earth first, ordering the iris sealed, where the weapon is not allowed to reintegrate.