David Farrity

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F.B.I. special agent and a close friend of Pete Shanahan. Farrity was oblivious to the top-secret operations beneath Cheyenne Mountain, of which Shanahan's love interest Samantha Carter is a part. Pete called him to ask for a personal favor in running a background check on Sam, in the hopes of discovering what she really did at her government job inside Cheyenne Mountain.

Farrity called back some time later, informing Pete that her profile had long-been scrubbed by higher authorities, preventing the true nature of her work from being exposed. Farrity speculated that Carter was involved in black ops or other undercover duties of which the government denies any knowledge. He also recommended that his friend steer clear of romantic involvement with the woman -- advice that Pete promptly ignored.


PLAYED BY - Paul Jarrett


Chimera - At Pete's request, Farrity runs a background check on Samantha Carter and determines she is involved with some major, top-secret material.