Hall of Thor's Might

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Ancient hall hidden on Cimmeria, designed to test the average Cimmerian citizen's courage and technological advancement for the day when they were prepared to discover the true nature of the Asgard. Unfortunately, SG-1 was forced to tamper with the Asgard's timetable following Heru'ur's occupation of the planet.

The Hall of Thor's Might consists of two stages of tests. The first tests an individual's courage and willingness to sacrifice themselves for another by removing most of the floor of a chamber and eventually making the individuals fall. The second test features geometric shapes, symbols and numbers which indicate the formula 3.14159, the basic cornerstone equation of a civilization on the verge of technological advancement (at least in the eyes of the Asgard).

If the Cimmerians present correctly interpret the information, it is the Asgard's belief that they are adequately prepared to discover their caretakers for what they are: alien beings.


Thor's Chariot - SG-1 is forced to use the Hall of Thor's Might to reach the Asgard, upsetting the advanced species' timetable for the Cimmerians.