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Member of the Byrsa on planet Cartego. Hanno was a young boy when Apophis's then First Prime, Teal'c, murdered his father. Years later when Teal'c returned to Cartego, Hanno picked the Jaffa out immediately. Not realizing Teal'c had become a changed man, Hanno put him on trial in the Cor-ai and sentenced him to death.

Hanno entertained several sessions discussing why Teal'c had a change of heart, but in the end his decision was final. At mid day, Teal'c would be destroyed by his own weapon.

Early the next morning Hanno's village was attacked by Apophis's Jaffa, who successfully captured a number of the people. Hanno witnessed Teal'c very nearly sacrifice himself for a number of the villagers. After the Jaffa were eliminated, Teal'c reminded Hanno that it was time for him to pay the debt in full. Hanno, however, had changed himself, swearing that Teal'c was not the same man that killed his father. He gave Teal'c back his staff weapon and suggested that SG-1 take their friend home.

Hanno encouraged O'Neill to offer the Byrsa ways to help them defend themselves against further attacks from the Goa'uld.


PLAYED BY - David McNally, Devon Finn


Cor-ai - Hanno sees that the Jaffa who murdered his father has returned and pledges to take vengeance on him through the Byrsa legal system of Cor-ai.