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Citizen of Sateda, significant other to Specialist Ronon Dex. Melena held a position as a nurse (perhaps a doctor) in one of the capital's hospitals. When informed that a Wraith hive was en route to cull the world for the first time in two hundred years, she refused Ronon's request to leave through the Stargate. Melena failed to realize that the hospitals would be virtually empty after the primary assault.

Like Ronon, Melena believed Task Master Kell was dishonest and untrustworthy, but Dex recognized that he was the only way Melena would be free. She refused.

After his entire regiment had been wiped out, Ronon made his way to Melena's hospital for a last-ditch attempt to get her to escape with him. Seeing the horridly injured survivors, she would not leave her people -- even though Ronon insisted their fate was sealed. Backed against the hospital windows, an explosion just outside engulfed her, torching her body.


PLAYED BY - Chiara Zanni


Sateda - Aware of the shadiness of Kell and his men, and compelled by her own patriotism, Melena remains with her people during the latest culling -- and dies with them.