Quest for the Sangraal

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Perilous journey purportedly established by Morgan Le Fay as a test to weed out those in search of the Sangraal who were not of noble spirit. The Quest was composed of six tests. In addition the Sangraal itself was defended by a vicious protector -- a fire-breathing dragon.

Each individual phase of the quest was designed to test a different virtue of the person taking the journey. Specifically, these were prudence, charity, kindness, wisdom and faith.

SG-1 embarked on the Quest with help from Baal and also a local guide, Osric -- who they discovered during the course of the adventure was actually Adria in disguise.

Sangraalquestforthe02.jpgMAZE (Prudence)

The perimeter surrounding Morgan's testing ground is protected by a time dilation field -- the first test. Only a few meters deep, it is enough to prevent any reckless traveler from penetrating. Those encased within the field are not killed, but their personal passage of time is reduced greatly to the extent that an outside observer cannot tell they are moving. Sensory input devices cease to function once inside the field. The only way to navigate is to throw objects into the path ahead and to progress only in the directions where the objects are able to move freely without being caught. Prudence grants access through the time dilation field.

Sangraalquestforthe03.jpgTREASURE CHEST (Charity)

As many seekers of the Sangraal possess unquenchable greed, Morgan established a test to hold this type of person at bay indefinitely. A treasure chest sits idle in the middle of the woods. Anyone opening it, expecting to find treasure, is trapped inside a powerful shield which allows people in, but not out. To beat this test, everyone trapped must demonstrate charity by giving up an item that may hold value. Upon closing the box --demonstrating charity -- the field lowers.

Sangraalquestforthe04.jpgA CAGED BOY (Kindness)

Following the test of charity, the following challenges lay inside the base of a vast mountain. Shortly after entry stands a pedestal with a block of Ancient test translating to "Choose the way that is just and true." Two passages lie to the left and the right. Soon a child's cries can be heard down the passage to the left. Pursuing the child eventually leads to his imprisonment behind a caged wall, as he attempted to retreat. Every member of the quest party is required to aid in lifting the cage to free the child. Once passage is restored the child, freed, disappears. He is a hologram -- the third test -- built to allow travelers to demonstrate kindness.

Sangraalquestforthe05.jpgTHE RIDDLES (Wisdom)

Deeper in the cave are three additional pedestals -- all riddles. The Ancient word associated with each must be uttered for a wall to disappear and passage to be granted. The first translates: "I'm struck and cut, shaped and cooled, then bound by rings to release what's stored." The answer is a key, or "clavia." Next, "I shake the earth with booming thunder, fell forests whole and homes complete. I influence ships, topple kings, sweep down swift yet remain unseen!" The answer is the wind, or "ventio." Finally, the first portion of the last passage reads "Battle-scarred in times of strife. Resistant to ..." Daniel Jackson could not translate the rest of the passage, but Adria was able to interpret this with the Ancient word "contegia." Demonstrating wisdom, the seekers of the Sangraal are allowed to proceed.

Sangraalquestforthe06.jpgA WALL OF FIRE (Faith)

Following completion of the three riddles the passages seal behind the travelers. The next test cannot be avoided. A wall of fire blocks the only doorway. Blinding and hot, anyone wishing to pass is encouraged to keep back. The only virtue remaining being "faith," the first traveler can gain access into the next chamber by willingly passing through the wall of flame. The individual is unharmed by the time he or she reaches the other side, and the wall recedes.

Sangraalquestforthe07.jpgA DRAGON PROTECTOR

The final test behind, the Sangraal resides on a pedestal overlooking a vast chasm. A narrow walkway leads to it. Anyone who attempts to grasp it, true of spirit or not, summons an enormous, fire-breathing dragon.


The Quest, Part 1 - SG-1, Baal and Adria must join forces to overcome tasks set out to challenge anyone seeking Merlin's weapon for themselves.
The Quest, Part 2 - After defeating the digital dragon SG-1 finds that the Sangraal jewel inside the cavern is only a projection.