The Quest, Part 2

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When the team finds Merlin himself, they must help him complete the Sangraal weapon before Adria and her Ori forces can track them down.

FAN RATING - 9.03 
NIELSEN - 1.5 
DVD DISC: Season 10, Disc 3
WRITTEN BY: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
DIRECTED BY: Andy Mikita
GUEST STARS: Morena Baccarin (Adria), Cliff Simon (Baal), Matthew Walker (Merlin), Doug Abrahams (Ori Prior), Steve Archer (Ori Commander)
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  • "My many years of playing Dungeons & Dragons finally paid off in this fantasy-themed two-parter. And mom and dad thought I was wasting my time! Again, loved the double dose of villainy in this one with the indefatigable Adria in dogged pursuit while our team of heroes is saddled with the ever-entertaining Baal. The production did a terrific job offering up various looks for various planets. My favorite was the snow planet. It was beautiful. And, in retrospect, a pain in the ass because the stuff they used for the falling snow ended up sticking to the bottom of my dress shoes and just wouldn't come off despite my best attempts. In the end, I ended up having to throw the shoes away.

    "I recall that, in the first draft, it's Mitchell who races out to take on the dragon with the C4. Executive producer Rob Cooper suggested giving the moment to Teal'c and the script was rewritten. However, on the day, the scene was first up that morning and actor Chris Judge was still feeling the effects of a late-night celebration. Director Andy Mikita took great delight in running Chris through the sequence. Several times.

    "Writing for the Baal character was a lot of fun because he was such an insufferable ass. I remember writing his scenes with Carter and thinking that, if he'd copped that attitude with anyone else, they would have punched his lights out. And then I thought – Why the hell not? Carter slugging Baal was my second favorite beat in the script. My favorite? Baal yelling: 'I'll go get help!' and attempting to beat a hasty retreat before getting blasted." (Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, in a post at his blog)