Sergei Evanov

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Lieutenant Colonel in the Russian military, assigned to lead the Russian Stargate team operating out of the S.G.C. Evanov led his men to P3X-367, where they found a people under the control of Nirrti -- who was using the inhabitants for her hok'taur experiments. He returned to Earth with one of the people, Alebran, who explained the situation to General Hammond, and convinced him for a return visit.

Upon Evanov's request the Russian unit was added to the mission to return to the planet and provide backup for SG-1, who hoped to solve a problem they themselves caused by releasing Nirrti from custody the year before. While there SG-1 was captured by Nirrti's forces.

Evanov himself was later stunned with a zat'ni'katel and placed inside the Ancient genetic manipulation device. A short time later, while imprisoned in the cells below, he died when his body liquefied.


PLAYED BY - Raoul Ganeev
FIRST APPEARED - Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis - Evanov returns to P3X-367 with his unit to provide backup and an expert lay of the land.