Ted (I)

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Pseudonym assumed by one of a small number of survivors of Martin's race, a group of deserters who left Martin's homeworld in search of allies and never returned. After finding Earth they realized that humans were not advanced enough to help in their war, and opted to stay on the planet and live out their lives in hiding rather than returning to the front.

When Martin Lloyd was compelled to try and return to his home, "Ted" participated in the conspiracy to drug Martin so that he would forget his old life and his true identity as an alien. He went to great lengths with associates Peter Tanner and "Bob" -- even to the extent of capturing two members of SG-1 to try and keep their secret.

When the other members of Martin's race summoned their interstellar mothership (on which they departed Earth), Ted was inexplicably unaccounted for.


PLAYED BY - Matthew Bennett
FIRST APPEARED - Point of No Return


Point of No Return - To save his own skin, Ted participates in the cover-up to prevent Martin Lloyd from learning the truth -- that he is indeed from outer space.