The Keeper

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For the Wraith Keeper, see Wraith Keeper


Guardian of the virtual reality environment within a protective bio-dome on P7J-989. The other surviving members of his race lived their entire lives hooked up to machines that gave them access to to the virtual world he created for them. He defined himself within the boundaries of the virtual reality as "the Keeper of all that is, was and will be."

For countless years he spent an enormous amount of time tending the environment outside of the dome, planting endless fields of flowers and other forms of plant life, restoring the environment to how it had been before his kind had destroyed their world. When SG-1 arrived he was determined to integrate them into his programming, providing new interactive "software" for the Residents of the artificial world.

With the aid of SG-1, the Keeper's lies were put aside as the Residents found a portal to escape from the virtual reality into the outside world to see the beauty for themselves, something they had not been informed of, effectively putting the Keeper out of a job.


PLAYED BY - Dwight Schultz
FIRST APPEARED - The Gamekeeper


The Gamekeeper - The Keeper, tending the gardens around the dome for countless years, is utterly dismayed when he finds SG-1 has shown the Residents a way out, eager to pick the flowers and live in the environment.