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Free Jaffa formerly in the service of Cronus. U'kin was a firm supporter of introducing and maintaining a democracy in the Free Jaffa Nation. He missed a meeting of the Jaffa High Council, at which point he was abducted and brainwashed by Baal on P2M-903.

After Teal'c himself went missing Bra'tac consulted U'kin regarding his last known whereabouts, but U'kin lied to his face concerning the matter. Bra'tac saw through this and pushed U'kin to reveal that Teal'c had been taken away to another planet. This eventually led them to Ka'lel revealing Teal'c's location.

U'kin was not a lost cause, as the free Jaffa would work with all those who were brainwashed to return to a rational state of mind once again.


PLAYED BY - Don Thompson


Stronghold - When U'kin is visited by Bra'tac concerning Teal'c's last known whereabouts U'kin claims innocence, but the old Jaffa master sees through his deception.