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For the Wraith nicknamed "Bob," see Bob the Wraith


One of a small number of survivors of Martin's race, a group of deserters who left Martin's homeworld in search of allies and never returned. Bob and the others lived on Earth for several years while being pursued by the N.I.D.

When Martin Lloyd became compelled to try and return to his planet, Bob participated in the conspiracy to force him to forget his existence as an alien. He went to great lengths with associates Peter Tanner and Ted, even to the extent of capturing two members of SG-1, to maintain their secret.

While posing as a production assistant named Steve Austin on the set of the television show Wormhole X-Treme! Bob continued to monitor Martin while he took on the role of a consultant for the series he (arguably) created. He eventually escaped Earth when SG-1 permitted their departure, beaming aboard their mothership.


PLAYED BY - Mar Andersons
FIRST APPEARED - Point of No Return


Point of No Return - To save his own skin, Ted participates in the cover-up to prevent Martin Lloyd from learning the truth -- that he is indeed from outer space.
Wormhole X-Treme! - Bob departs Earth with Tanner and most of the other members of his race, while Martin Lloyd pursues a new career.