Cheyenne Mountain

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High-security U.S. government facility, built in the early 1960s and housed within a mountain near the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cheyenne Mountain is the location of NORAD and Stargate Command.

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This fictional home of Stargate Command is actually a real location in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Inside is a room with a door labeled "Stargate Command." The room is a broom closet.

Though Cheyenne Mountain is currently closed, Stargate Command remains in the base in the fictional universe. For now.


Children of the Gods - After an invasion from Apophis, Cheyenne Mountain becomes the front line for Stargate Command's base of operations.
A Matter of Time - The Stargate connects to a world being destroyed by a black hole and, in the process, the mountain complex suffers severe time distortions. Hammond orders the mountain evacuated.
Foothold - Stargate Command is overrun by an alien species bent on replacing the base personnel with themselves.
Chain Reaction - The mountain is nearly destroyed by radiation pouring through the Stargate after a failed experiment on another world by the S.G.C.'s new commander.
Zero Hour - Parts of the complex become a gardener's nightmare after an alien plant gets out of control.
Reckoning, Part 2 - General O'Neill orders a lockdown and evacuation of the mountain after the Replicators make it through the gate and invade Stargate Command.