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A race of people who lived ten thousand years ago in the Pegasus Galaxy. Friends of the Lanteans, the Dorandans allowed the advanced race to establish an outpost on their world, a ground-based version of the orbital satellite once found in the Atlantis star system.

But the Dorandan civilization came to a swift halt when the Ancients' Project Arcturus was tested on an interstellar Wraith culling fleet. Intent on commencing an orbital assault, the Wraith settled into range of the planet. Arcturus commenced firing on the armada. During the strike a fatal overload occurred. The Wraith fleet was demolished but the device was unable to be deactivated under normal procedures. It was finally deactivated by the Lanteans, but turning it off killed all of the scientists, and perhaps the locals in the vicinity. Afterwards, the Wraith sent yet another fleet which ultimately annihilated the Dorandan people.


HOMEWORLD - Dorandan homeworld


Trinity - Sheppard's Puddle Jumper travels to the Dorandan homeworld, in the hopes that something from their civilization has survived in 10,000 years. Something has.