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A skilled psychiatric doctor, McKenzie has come to the aid of the S.G.C. on several occasions. He is usually called in under less-than-pleasant circumstances, but his presence is required none the less.

Though Dr. McKenzie is the S.G.C.'s primary psychiatric specialist and has full clearance to the Stargate program, he does not keep an office at Stargate Command. Instead, he is based at a local area hospital.

Note: Actor Eric Schneider first appears in Children of the Gods: Final Cut. Because he is playing an unnamed medical doctor this character is likely not Dr. McKenzie.


PLAYED BY - Eric Schneider
FIRST APPEARED - Fire and Water


Fire and Water - McKenzie is called to the S.G.C. to help SG-1 get over the loss of Daniel Jackson. With his help, however, they discover he is still alive.
Legacy - Dr. McKenzie supervises Daniel Jackson's treatment when he is diagnosed with insanity due to Stargate travel.
Threshold - McKenzie is called upon to help Teal'c restore his identity after Apophis brainwashes him.
Lifeboat - Janet Fraiser reports that Dr. McKenzie has been consulted on Daniel Jackson's case, and believes Daniel may be holding up to 12 distinct Talthun consciousnesses.