Replicator cruiser

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Large, powerful craft constructed entirely of Replicator blocks. Cylindrical in shape, the inner-most portion of the body continuously rotates counter-clockwise. At the bow of this section is a launching mechanism where projectiles can be fired. These projectiles contain the necessary means of invading other non-Replicator bodies to convert their technology.


USED BY - Replicators
FIRST APPEARED - New Order, Part 1


New Order, Part 1 - After capturing the Asgard time dilation device a Replicator cruiser under the control of Fifth successfully escapes the gravity well of Halla's collapsed sun to pursue an Asgard ship.
New Order, Part 2 - After his ship was destroyed in orbit of Orilla, Fifth uses his brethren to build another Replicator cruiser.
Gemini - Fifth's Replicator cruiser is annihilated by an Asgard satellite when it approaches Earth's Alpha Site.
Reckoning, Part 1 - Replicator Carter transports Daniel Jackson aboard her cruiser in the hopes of learning any and all Ancient knowledge that may be used against her.
Reckoning, Part 2 - Replicator Carter and her cruiser, as well as all Replicators in the Milky Way, are destroyed by the Dakara super-weapon.