Richard Kendrick

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Colonel based with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Kendrick was openly opposed to Teal'c living among humans, citing the fact that he presented a grave security risk. He made several phone calls to General Jack O'Neill regarding the matter, but when none were returned he went down to Cheyenne Mountain himself.

Despite incidents with an old man and teenagers in a park, a pit bull, and a fender-bender, O'Neill was determined to give Teal'c a fair chance to live in society. Kendrick's concerns reached their apex when Teal'c was charged with the kidnapping of Krista James and murder of Doug McNair. The O.S.I. received a tip regarding the murder, which Kendrick (at first) did not find unusual.

Kendrick sent soldiers to apprehend Teal'c. When The Trust was revealed as setting up the murder for their own purposes, Kendrick allowed the Jaffa to be released. Without any pressure, Teal'c himself decided that it was unwise to continue living in the general population.


PLAYED BY - Michael Rogers


Affinity - Kendrick is appalled with the fact that General O'Neill will not return his calls or take his concerns seriously, but he appears to proven correct when Teal'c is charged with kidnapping and murder.