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World in the Milky Way Galaxy, occupied by two factions: the Rand Protectorate (existing in the Northwest) and the Caledonian Federation (to the Southeast). The planet exists in a industrial revolution era equivalent to Earth in the 1920s. The two factions had a long-standing "cold war" of hostility between them.

With a push by the People of Avidan to destroy both societies, both the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation were almost entirely destroyed When the "cold war" erupted into conflict. Groups of each society survived the holocaust to rebuild on the ashes, but are believed to have been destroyed when hostilities were renewed after the Rand were converted to Origin.


HOME TO - Tegalans


Icon - SG-1 visits Tegalus and learn that international conflicts abound, and eventually erupt, thanks to the team's presence.
Ethon - The S.G.C. sends Prometheus to Tegalus to deal with the Rand's Ori satellite, with disastrous results.