Add GateWorld Headlines

Since GateWorld debuted its news section in 2000, the site has been the Internet’s leading resource for the very latest news from the Stargate universe. Our news is updated an average of several times per week, with categories ranging from episode spoilers to licensed merchandise, and from actor sightings to ratings reports. Now, GateWorld’s news headlines can also be on your Web site!

You can add GateWorld headlines to your site if your publishing tool allows you to use another site’s RSS news feed. Major blogging tools (such as and WordPress) and content management systems (such as Joomla) do this through widgets or plug-ins. Check your software’s user guide to see if it will display RSS feeds.

Visit our RSS Feeds page to find a variety of feeds you can use. The main feed for news headlines is at:

The latest headlines will appear on your site immediately, and will be instantly updated every time a new story is published at GateWorld!

For example: In (new sites), go to the Layout tab and click “Add a Gadget.” Under “Basics,” scroll down to the “Feed” gadget and click the plus sign icon. Paste in the feed URL above, and click “Continue.” Choose the number of headlines you would like to publish, then “Save!”

It’s not required, but if your publishing tool lets you, we would also appreciate it if you included a small link to GateWorld’s home page ( next to the headlines, such as:

    <FONT SIZE=”1″>News from <A HREF=”” TARGET=”_blank”>GateWorld</A></FONT>

Thanks for your support of the site! We’d love to see your site when you are finished — just shoot us an e-mail if you don’t mind us checking it out.

Note that our previous method of displaying headlines using JavaScript is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.