Stargate: The Official Movie Magazine (1995)

Stargate: The Official Movie Magazine

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EDITED BY: David McDonnell
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    • Treasures
      Contest for Acclaim's Stargate video game on Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Game Boy, and Game Gear, plus Ra and Anubis statues, and more
    • Adventure
      An 8-page photo spread stepping through the story of the feature film
    • The Direction
      Ronald Emmerich on directing the sprawling epic
    • The Chronicle
      Writer and producer Dean Devlin on the story of Stargate, its characters, and its ambition
    • The Visions
      Concept art and creating the look of Stargate with art director Peter Murton
    • The Stunts
      Stunt coordinator Andy Armstrong on the movie's stunts, explosions, and more on-set challenges
    • Portrait Gallery
      Full-page photos from the movie, featuring Kurt Russell, James Spader, Horus and Anubis (art by Patrick Tatopoulos), Mili Avital, and Jaye Davidson
    • The Costumes
      Stargate costume designer Joseph Porro on creating the look of the film's heroes, the residents of Abydos, and the regal but sinister villain Ra
    • Kurt Russell
      The veteran action hero talks about Jack O'Neil and his experience on the film
    • James Spader
      The actor talks about taking on a different kind of role in Stargate with Dr. Daniel Jackson
    • Jaye Davidson
      Highlighting the Crying Game veteran's turn as the alien Ra
    • Mili Avital
      The Israeli actress talks about her career and the role of Sha'uri
    • The Creatures
      A photo gallery highlighting the concept art and production work on the aliens of Stargate, from Ra and his servants to the indigenous Abydonian Mastadge
    • The Language
      Linguist Stuart Tyson Smith talks about his work translating dialogue and teaching the actors how to speak it on the set
    • Visual Effects
      Effects supervisor Jeffrey Okun on the movie's unique special effects, from the Stargate puddle to the transport rings


  • The official Stargate movie magazine was released in the months following the movie's October 1994 premiere, licensed by Le Studio Canal+ and produced by Starlog.