Share Your Stargate Story!

GateWorld wants to hear about the role that Stargate has played in your life. Here’s how to contribute to our series on Stargate fandom.

Chris Judge with fans (San Diego Comic-Con 2018)

Attention Stargate Fans: GateWorld invites people with a unique or interesting Stargate experience to share their story in the fan-powered “My Stargate Story” series!

Did Stargate alter the course of your life? Did you make life-changing friendships at a convention … maybe even meet a special someone? Or did Stargate inspire you to pursue a specific college degree or career?

Here at GateWorld, our editors have been shaped by the Stargate franchise in some pretty profound ways. “My Stargate Story” gives us a platform to celebrate not only the shows we love but also the people who love them. Stargate fans are all over the world, and they are some amazing people.

Whatever your story may be, GateWorld wants to help you share it with the Stargate fan community!

How To Contribute

Stargate fans (Vancouver 2009)

Stargate fans at the 2009 Stargate convention in Vancouver

Stories selected for the series should have a “hook” — something unique or particularly interesting about your experience. Did you start a small business or enlist in the military because of the show? Did you become an artist or a writer? Have you thrown yourself into cosplay? Look for a way to make an everyday story compelling to readers.

If you think you have a story to tell about your Stargate fandom, please write to us and share a brief overview of your experiences. We’d also like to see an outline (a list of bullet points you’d plan to cover) so we know where your write-up is headed.

If the editors approve your pitch you’ll be invited to write your article and send it in at your discretion. We would also love to see any related pictures, videos, fan art, or additional “documentary evidence” that fits with your Stargate story.

Prior writing experience is preferred, but we are happy to work with newcomers, too! “My Stargate Story” essays should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words, written in the first person, and building toward a thematic conclusion or narrative revelation unique to you.

Come and celebrate the Stargate franchise with us! We can’t wait to hear the story you have to tell.

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