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Atlantis ratings hold steady with ‘Identity’

Saturday - January 3, 2009
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The final episodes of Stargate Atlantis continue to maintain steady ratings. This week numbers are in for “Identity,” episode number 18 of Season Five. The episode earned a 1.2 average household rating on December 12, even with the two previous episodes.

In “Identity,” a thief named Neeva Casol (guest star Dawn Olivieri) encounters an Ancient communications terminal, which trades her consciousness with Atlantis’s Dr. Jennifer Keller.

While the final, rounded-off rating did remain the same, the episode saw a slight bump in actual viewers. “Identity” was watched by about 1.655 million people (Live + Same Day), up from 1.489 million the previous week, according to TV By the Numbers.

Ghost Hunters led the SCI FI Channel for the week with a 1.9 rating. Sanctuary regained two-tenths to earn a 1.4 for “Warriors,” and ECW wrestling tied Atlantis with a 1.2 rating.

This Friday is the episode we’ve all been waiting for! Don’t miss “Enemy At the Gate”, the series finale of Stargate Atlantis, on January 9.

(Thanks to Morjana and Abbas for the tip)

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  • This will show SCI FI that it is still a great watched series! Cant wait until the final episode!

  • It really is too bad SGA ratings are so bad, it’s the show with the worst ratings of all the major shows on scifi. (ECW should never count among them…)

  • I think it’s ratings are not so bad considering the quality of the episode…

  • I’m glad Atlantis is still alive and kicking, and hopefully the movie(s) will be kicking with the TV ratings and the DVD sales so we can have many more Atlantis story lines!

  • How do they figure TV ratings now that we can watch shows we previously recorded? I mean, does it register if I’m watching something besides what my dvr is tuned into? I am just wondering how they come up with these numbers?

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