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Brian J. Smith to guest star on Law & Order

Thursday - January 22, 2009
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Here’s your chance to get an early look at actor Brian J. Smith, who will play Lt. Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe. Before he heads to Vancouver to begin filming the new Stargate spin-off next month, Smith will appear in the February 11 episode of NBC’s venerable drama Law & Order.

Smith plays Derek Sherman in the upcoming episode “Crimebusters,” the show’s production office tells GateWorld. The character is described as “20, scruffy and slender.” Derek is an agitated man who works as a delivery man for a deli, and who becomes entangled in a major criminal investigation. It’s a sizable roll, with the show’s heroes first meeting the character when they show up at his house in the episode’s first act.

Law & Order airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. (9 Central) on NBC.

Based on his filmography at the Internet Movie Database, it looks to be one of Smith’s first television roles. He has previously appeared on stage and in a number of films.

February 11 also looks to be the new filming start date for Stargate Universe (bumped back from February 4), according to reports. The show will premiere on the SCI FI Channel in the United States this fall.

Learn more about SGU in GateWorld’s Launch Center, and stay tuned for our very first exclusive interview with Brian J. Smith next week!

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  • Nice to see he’s cutting his acting teeth on something before Universe.

  • You may not know him or have a clue who he is, but isn’t this a great opportunity to see the future of SGU??

  • Can’t wait to get a pseudo-sneak peek at the SGU cast. Hey remember folks, it’s not his fault that SGA, aka the Sheppard/McKay dramedy hour plus some other figures, is going off.

  • BJ-Smith, not bad to look at. After hearing the podcast I can say that he’s funny, which is a must, and he was a Trekkie, even better, and he just come across so well on tape. Can’t wait to see him on film. Good Luck

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