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Fans to pick Atlantis episodes on Blu-ray

Saturday - January 10, 2009
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In an unprecedented move, MGM has invited Atlantis fans to vote which episodes will be released on Blu-ray.

“Starting this Friday, right after the series finale of Stargate Atlantis — and only until January 31st — go to and vote for your favorite Stargate Atlantis episodes to be chosen for a Fan’s Choice Blu-ray disc,” FOX Home Entertainment said in a press release.

In addition to selecting the episodes, fans will be given the opportunity to create the box art for the disc.

The number of episodes to be included on the disc, and the release date, is not currently known.

The results of the poll will be ready for viewing the week of February 9, the same time the box art contest will begin. Visit to vote your favorite Atlantis episodes into Blu-ray!

David Read is GateWorld's co-editor, and has been with the site since 2003. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he works for eBay.

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  • All the $$$ going to SGU. Better be worth it. Anyway, the site allows you to select 5 episodes. Noticed episodes titles with Part I and II are included as one episode. I picked a combination of good story and good special effects. No point in watching dialogue heavy episodes in high def. I’ll wait for that if they ever do decide to put the entire series in high def.

    1. Enemy at the Gate
    2. Be All My Sins Remembered
    3. The Last Man
    4. The Siege
    5. The Return

    The top 10 so far are Rising, Enemy at the Gate, Be All My Sins Remembered, The Siege, the Storm, the Shrine, Tao of Rodney, The Eye, Sateda, Vegas.

    MGM better put in a good effort on these transfers. Heard Stargate Continuum was just mediocre.

  • I HOPE they release it on regular DVD cause i refuse to buy blu-ray.

  • What? Why don’t they release everything on bluray? DVD is sooo 1990’s. This is a sci-fi show, about new technologies and stuff! It should be released on the best medium available!

  • what the hell, adrift, the lost tribe, and the deadalus variations, obvious high defs, plus the storm and the eye should really be one episode not 2

  • The poll answer for Sheppard’s personal item is wrong!! It’s the UCLA game but they have Johnny Cash poster.

  • A best of blu-ray? Lame. Just release the seasons! I HATE BEST OF RELEASES!!!!

  • Anyone remember about three years ago, before Blu-ray was even out, that Stargate Atlantis was one of the initial titles sitting on a list of future Blu-ray releases meant to impress people? So much for that.

  • My votes:
    Enemy at the Gate
    Be All My Sins Remember’d
    First Contact
    Condemed (just to see that Wraith drooling in HD!)

  • Anything as long as it’s available region free or in region B!!

  • “The poll answer for Sheppard’s personal item is wrong!! It’s the UCLA game but they have Johnny Cash poster”.
    Puddle Splasher | January 10 @ 7:50 am

    I answered the same and was angry that they got it wrong…you just can’t get the researchers these days!

  • I agree, its a waste, why don’t they just release the whole series? or individual seasons at least…

  • This set is intended to see how popular the show will be if released on blu-ray. If sales are good then they will take the next step and start releasing the seasons on BD. If they are bad, then MGM will hold off for a while until blu-ray is cheaper to produce.

  • I think that it’s kinda stupid to put two-parter and three parters seperately simply because they have different titles. “Rising” is a two parter, “The Seige” is three, and as they should they put them in one episode category.

    But why would anyone vote for a two-parter such as “The Storm” and “The Eye”, when only one half would probably make it in? Is it too much to put it as “The Storm/The Eye” and make everything so much easier?

    And agreed, why don’t they just put it all on Blu-Ray (SG-1 Seasons as well!) I’d like that so much more!

  • I have been wanting the whole series as well. This just really annoys me. I bet we pick episodes, they release them like this and then release sets so we have to rebuy as usual. UGH.
    Actually, about Continuum on Blu-ray, a guy who is well known in he tech world for video said that movie is great for testing blacks. I know it looked beautiful on our 100″ projected screen.

  • i won’t buy blu-ray. i’m tired of them changing formats every few years and forcing us to purchase everything all over again. and, to stick it to us even more, the price is always higher.

  • I’d love to see Atlantis on Blu-Ray but hate the idea of a fan-created disc. Release the full seasons. This is just ploy to get us to spend more money.

  • anyone having problems with the poll to vote for blueray, i cannot seem to vote.

  • I would just like to comment on those complaining about the trvia question used to get into the voting. The “UCLA game” is a trick answer. The game that Sheppard brought with him was Boston Colloege/Miami game where Doug Flutie through the Hail Mary pass to win the game. Therefore that leaves the “Johnny Cash poster” as the correct answer.

    and my picks are:
    The Siege
    The Return
    Enemy At The Gate

  • sure once you buy any episode you can leaglly download it in high def, as you have already paid for the rights to view it whenever you want

  • Siba, all I’ll say is thank god you don’t work for MGM.

    If you’re going to pick episodes that will go on blueray, you pick the ones with the most visual effects, that will take advantage of the increased quality. Not episodes like Sunday or Letters from Pegasus

  • To each his own, Steve. That’s why everyone gets to vote and make the decision.

  • I would rather have all of the seasons on Blue Ray but being able to vote for your favorite episodes is cool.

  • I was having a look through the questions that they have to get onto the poll and the first question is wrong and in the fourth question they spell Sheppard’s name with only one p.

    They don’t exactly seem to be in the know.

  • Look, you guys may hate “Best of” discs. But this isn’t just a “best of” disc. It’s a marketing test. A test to see if there’s enough interest in SG on Blu to justify the costs involved in doing hi-def transfers.

    If sales are crap, then you won’t see either show appear in full seasons on Blu.

    So if you you wanna see the full seasons, ever, you’ll wanna consider telling MGM (with your wallet) that you’re willing to pay for them when the compilation hits the streets.

  • Before anyone else makes a complaint about the poll question, see my comment on page 1 of the comments or look it up. They are not wrong, its a trick answer. Thank you! and bring on Stargate Universe, I’m very curious.

  • “What? Why don’t they release everything on bluray? DVD is sooo 1990’s. This is a sci-fi show, about new technologies and stuff! It should be released on the best medium available!”

    What have you been smoking? Not everyone can afford these brand spanking new things. And I’ve watched the same movie on Blu-Ray and DVD at a friend’s house. Do you know what we could see on his SDTV? Absolutely NO difference. So why should we pay more for Blu-Ray when my DVD player is more than up to the job? When prices lower to a reasonable level and when the selection is larger, I will get a Blu-Ray player. Not before.

  • Quote:

    And I’ve watched the same movie on Blu-Ray and DVD at a friend’s house. Do you know what we could see on his SDTV? Absolutely NO difference.

    Uhhhh…you wouldn’t because an SDTV is a standard definition(hence the “SD”) TV and is incapable of showing you a hi-def picture.

    And if you mean HD rather than SD you’re blind.

  • Guess I was living under a rock all of these past years. Didn’t find out about SGA, Firefly, all the years of SG1,Lost and Eureka until I got work here in Iraq. Now I’m on a quest to watch them all. Guess life masks a lot of thing. Release all episodes in BluRay. But I just bought seasons 1-4 on DVD and waiting for 5. I’m mad FOX killed Firefly. These execs need to consider all media forms, not just what the f&$^%* Neilson report shows. Hey they get their’s, why should they care what we want. Boycott em!

  • Hrm. As if. I think most people will be waiting for the complete series on blu-ray before buying any. Personally, i’m waiting for the boxed set on blu-ray of the complete series. No sense buying the same thing multiple times over. Especially at this juncture.

  • why not release all seasons on blu-ray they do it with lost and heroes

  • This show really should be put on blu-ray, the effects and highly digital/modern nature of the show demand it. I won’t be buying the series until the blu-ray is released, hopefully some time this year.

    I do think this could be a good indication though that it will be soon, probably around the time Universe launches.

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