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umm, not sure what to make of this info.
Could be good, I don’t get a positive impression of any of the characters, from what you have published. I hope they don’t make it so dark and angsty that I don’t like anybody!
I kind of like my heroes.


Most of this sounds fairly promising but where do Marion and her son Jack fit into this? Any ideas?

Pepermint Jaffa

I guess we’ve got some more details about why the episode is called “Air.” It all sounds very interesting to me. It seems like the civilian scientists are going to be more prominent in this series than in the others.


I’m going to have to see it to understand it – I hope they don’t use the same Ancient Communications Device prop from Sg-1 and Atlantis though…I really hate that prop.


Cool! Big thank you to GW for all the new info! Sounds like an interesting group of characters!

My excitement for “Stargate: Universe” continues to grow with every single bit of info that comes through!


So the party girl and the slacker find an ancient communications device and instead of contacting the SGC they use it to spy on their friends? They gate to the ship and it automatically powers up like Atlantis and it has little life support just like Atlantis had little shields putting them in instant danger. Thats original. Also that black substance isn’t like that black fog from like episode 3 of Atlantis And the point of Marion and Jack? I’m guessing Jack atleast is one of the people the party girl and slacker take over for their juvenile spying games.… Read more »


wow some of this information seems very diffrent to any stargate before mainly about Chloe and Eli sounds that there showing their youth by making them irresponsible

Sam and Jack Shipper

3 hour Premiere????
Geez it would have been nice for Atlantis to have a 2 hour finale instead of craming everything into 1 hour episode and this new show gets 3 hours.


This kind of info is why I visit Gateworld way too many times a day.


Although they’ve attached a rather interesting new premise to it. I’m rather disappointed that its only season one and they’re already recycling old plots.


If I remember correct, that device that it took Daniel and Vala to use the body of those two people in another galaxy, also it works in opposite direction, those two people use the body of Daniel and Vala in Earth, so Chloe and Eli with their actions are exposing the bigger secrets, Stargate travel to a bunch of young people on Earth. Some case of Stargate Atlantis episode “Identity”. I do not know, so far is looking very similar to Galactica with all this info, lacking with what so far it makes special Stargate, team work, friendship. I really… Read more »

Mrs john sheppard

just like i say when my dog scratches her ears “OH DEAR”


I am interested to see how this show plays out! I hope it has more in common with the SGA episode “Vegas” (how it was shot etc) than the others as, I feel that the normal episodes of Atlantis were becoming formulaic! Which takes me to my next point/question, why the hate for SGU? There are people on this site bitching about how SGA is getting canned for Universe to exist. 1. Of course they don’t want two shows running at the same time, we are in a recession it would cost way to much for them to produce both… Read more »


Oh poor vulnerable Chloe finding out that *sniff sniff* nobody likes her for herself.

First episode and already they’re recycling plot devices. I just don’t get it. None of those people sound the least bit endearing, most of all two of the mains, Chloe and Eli.


Folks should realize that virtually all this information is derived from sides – incomplete script pieces that actors audition with – so take all of this with a grain of salt. There is no complete script for fans to read and derive the plot from.


Now its Stargate: Voyageractica? Base get wipes out and a group of survivors must find their way home… Plus the Teenager side of the Story with the emoionally disturbed Cloe….yay….. As O’neil said ” If you don’t make it… can I have your stereo? “


Actually I love it that I do not actually like the sound of any of the characters. Which is a good start, the two other shows, all the characters I liked and well it kinda got boring. All I love how they actually left the characters so much growing space unlike the other two series, where all the characters look like heroes from the beginning. Also I see the potential for background characters here to move pretty quickly to front, the lazy kid who does nothing with his life slowly learns what he wants to do and trains to do.… Read more »


Not very promising, I’d say. Spying on your friends in an emergency situation? Pretty pitiful.


I can’t wait for the casting announcements


In Atlantis it was science, teamwork, and girly drama. As i see it now, Universe will have a lot more of the latter. :(

They (TPTB) create a mishmash of characters for the public to attach to. There is enough “shiver wheep kuddle and happy ending” on TV, don’t emulate that. Most SG fans i know in person like the *science* fiction, and don’t give shit about another non-earth soap drama.

I was among optimists, now it seems like desperate houswifes meets lost.


Why do I suddenly miss good ol’ SG-1 action right now, without a drip of teenage drama?

I really hope that this show will surprise me, because right now I’m not feeling very hopeful. If it weren’t for Sanctuary, I don’t think I’d really care about having cable.

(I’m also wondering how Marion and Jack fit into this.)


first of all, Kudos to who ever put hammond up there on top. I was deeply saddened to hear about his real life passing on, and I love the way they fit that into the show and named a ship ( we never did get to see it tho -( ) the USS General Hammod. I LOVE the stargate series so far. SGA was my fav accept the last few eppisodes left a bitter taste. Ill be ready for a new show tho be it a star trek knock off or not. LOL still laughing at “soccer mom janeway” Lets… Read more »