Robert Picardo is ‘Sensored’

"Richard Woolsey" actor tells GateWorld about current projects, and comments on "Star Trek XI."

Robert Picardo (“Richard Woolsey”) has been keeping a full plate since production wrapped on Stargate Atlantis last October. In addition to guest-starring roles on Chuck and Pushing Daisies, he is maintaining a firm foot in sci-fi land with multiple projects!

“I worked on a low-budget sci-fi movie when I first got back from doing Stargate, called The Awakened,” Picardo told GateWorld. The title has since been changed to “Confined,” according to IMDb. “It’s basically sci-fi aliens that have crash-landed in the earth’s crust hundreds of years ago being discovered and reactivated by mistake. Aliens in hibernation and, ‘whoop!’ They’re not in hibernation anymore. And they’re killing people! Good aliens. Very good make-ups.”

Picardo has also been cast as the lead in a suspenseful thriller that he is particularly excited about. “Sensored” follows a children’s storybook author, Picardo, who is slowly losing his mind. “For those who know me from my sci-fi guys, to see me play this character will be disturbing.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever carried a movie,” he told us. “If you look at the trailer on the Web site it’s pretty creepy-looking. [It’s the] first movie to complete principle photography on the Red Camera, too. That’s the camera that, because I mentioned to Amanda Tapping that I just shot a movie on it, she decided to shoot Sanctuary, which is the first television series shot on the new camera. It’s got a great filmic look to it.

“My tiny, tiny little horror movie, ‘Sensored,’ was the first feature to hold that record to complete principal photography. It might be the last one to come out! [For] their post-production budget they’re using food stamps! It certainly was the first. We’ve made that milestone in history, which I’m proud of.”

Picardo also had a few thoughts to share on the upcoming Star Trek feature, the eleventh in the long line of movies since 1979.

“JJ Abrams obviously was the perfect person to reboot the franchise so I am very optimistic that it’s going to be good,” said Picardo. “Even though it’s been under a real veil of secrecy my perception is that the buzz is strong on the movie.

“We’ve got a really good cast of actors and I am really looking forward to seeing it. And I know Paul McGillion (“Dr. Carson Beckett”) has a cameo in it too, which will be fun. I’m anxious to see it. I know nothing specific about it.

Visit the “Sensored” Web site,, to learn more about the upcoming film, and stay with GateWorld for a very special interview with Robert Picardo in the weeks ahead!

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Good for him!


I’m looking forward to “Sensored”. I’m not really a horror fan but it’s definitely worth checking out by the sound of it. Of all the “Voyager” cast, Robert Picardo seems to be doing the better than any of them post-“Star Trek”. Which is great from my point of view since he was always my clear favourite!


OMG! I’m seeing “Sensored” ;D

Sarah Carroll

I like Picardo, Glad to see he is still workin, like GusF said he’s done better than other voyager cast members.


Picardo is the man! He’s the greatest thing about Voyager. Haven’t seen the episodes of Stargate Atlantis this season, but loved him in the original show. PLUS who can forget Gremlins 2. Great stuff.


robert rocks in voyager and atlants