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Universe‘s sixth episode is ‘Earth’

Tuesday - January 6, 2009
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Following on the theme set by the three-par series premiere “Air,” the sixth episode of Stargate Universe has the working title “Earth,” writer-producer Joseph Mallozzi announced on his blog.

“Earth” is being penned by Stargate Atlantis writer-producer Martin Gero, who has written such fan-favorite episodes as “Grace Under Pressure,” “McKay and Mrs. Miller,” and most of the season finales, premieres, and mid-season two-parters.

“This one involved a long, long discussion on the workings of a certain technology which forms the impetus to another terrific character-driven story,” Mallozzi said previously of the episode.

Mallozzi also said that Robert C. Cooper is almost finished writing the third episode of the series (#105), and that Universe will offer new locations for filming. Cooper and director Andy Mikita recently scouted for locations in the deserts of New Mexico.

“Of the first ten episodes broken, we have a grand total of zero forested planets,” Mallozzi said. “I’m not saying we won’t, eventually, come across one but, for the time being, the emphasis is on the ship and some locations atypical of Stargate.”

Stargate Universe begins filming in just four weeks, and the rest of the new show’s cast is expected to be announced soon. Learn more about the series and its characters in GateWorld’s exclusive Stargate Universe Launch Center!

(Thanks to DavidEO for the tip)

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  • No forested planets? Cool…. Can’t wait to see the rest of the cast!

  • As long as it doesn’t mean they found a way to return to Earth this early I’ll be happy. Would kinda defeat the premise…

  • Lets see, 1st episode is Air, second is Earth. I think Merethe is right. Fire. Hell we already have a band called Earth, wind and fire. Lets just use them for the rest of the cast. But seriously it seems quite zen to me. I guess the 5th is going to be Spirit? Lets just focus on Ascension.

  • @ Merethe

    very funny :D, but i don’t think they are going with that, they’re just working titles you know ;D

    but i’m very exited about this news, lets all hope for a great third SG series:D

    Stargate universe ftw :P

  • It makes sense there would be fewer (almost none) planets with forests in Universe.

    In SG-1 the reason there were so many forested planets was because of the Ancients and the Goauld terraforming the planets

  • “impetus to another terrific character-driven story.” Captain Planet? ;P

  • @Merethe

    I thought the exact thing when I read ‘Earth’ as a title that would follow the premier ‘Air.’ I actually wouldn’t mind having a format like that. Simple, but might have a deep meaning. Interesting. :P

  • I just thought about this new settings thing… marshes and steppes and savanna and just being ON mountains gets me really excited to think what the show will look like with those kinds of settings, Awesome that!

  • stargate unvierse first episode sounds very intresting and am looking forward for the third sewries of stargate

  • Totally loving the title of “Earth” for the next episode after “Air”!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing who the other cast members are! Basically I’m just looking forward to “Stargate: Universe” really. Love the premise and everything else I’ve read about it and the casting of Robert Carlyle as a regular character is inspired!

    Roll on Summer!

  • I wonder if holding my breath would help, though unfortunately it would only hurt me and not TPTB,non the less, Universe better not suck, Or they’ll find that Stewie and I have a lot in common: I don’t need a ladder to punch some one in their face.

  • I wonder if desert will replace the forest! Oooo or maybe they will stick with SG1s medieval village set up for every other planet.

  • I have to admit, forested planets seemed way too unoriginal after 10 years. Finally some planets with new topographical features.

  • i want to see a crazy looking world where the sky is purple and the trees cry choclate milk

  • Of course there will be no forest planets when most of the episodes will be the bottle episodes dealing with teen angst and all that boring drama stuff cause who wants action adventure right?

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love good, original sci-fi, but original is the operative word, and this show sounds like it wants to be Battlestar Galactica so badly it hurts. I’m really hoping to be proved wrong though, especially when one of my favourite actors is on board.

  • I like the names. It shows the writers have a good affinity to Captain Planet :D
    1. Air
    2. Earth
    3. Fire
    4. Water
    5. Heart
    6. Pollution
    7. Captain Planet
    8. Mother Nature

    In all seriousness, I believe that in Earth, they make contact with Earth using the ancient telecommunications device (blue crystal – although I call it bluetooth :D)

  • whoa….literal much?

    maybe ‘earth’ refers to them actually gating to a planet you know with dirt also called earth?

    ‘air’ is probaly about them being on the ship, like in space, sort of like air, if u understand me

  • Well…I’m confused on the whole numbering, but all right! I’m excited to hear whats coming next…and don’t you guys think it’s odd we hear the first episode’s name…Air. Then learn the six (or 8th?) episode’s name…I mean, why not leak in order! Lol…

  • But…there are always trees on other planets! There’s no such thing as a planet without trees…is there? Oo

  • @ Siba

    Not if you want life on it. You need plants to produce oxygen. But, given how the Ancients presumably never got around to doing anything but seeding Gates, then we may seen non-carbon-based lifeforms. Think the volus from Mass Effect. They come from an a planet with an ammonium atmosphere. Therefore, oxygen is poisonous to them and so always wear pressurised full-body suits (to also keep from exploded). You could have trees which are far, far different from Earth trees as well. Even if they’re like Earth trees that seem to have been mutated somehow (like Tiberium Blossoms from Command and Conquer).

  • I seriously doubt episodes 3 & 4 will have Elemental names, since SG-1 Season 1 had “Fire and Water”.

    The title “Aether” might a nice one to explore, though. Vitually none of the episodes associated with Ascension have been particularly exploratory, and perhaps a story where someone inadvertently ascends and tries to return to our plain might be an interesting one.

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