Vancouver con expands guest list

More guests are headlining Creation's annual salute to Stargate in Vancouver, British Columbia!

Eight new celebrities have been added to the convention lineup for Creation Entertainment’s 2009 Vancouver Stargate Con!

Among them are some familiar guests to the stage, including Gary Jones (“Walter Harriman”) and David Nykl (“Radek Zelenka”).

Other newly announced guests include Patrick Currie (“Fifth,” “Chaka,” “Eamon”) Fulvio Cercere (“Davidson”), Kirby Morrow (“Dave Kleinman”), Jodi Racicot (“Vernon Sharpe”), Michael Kopsa (“Kerrigan”) and Heather Doerkson (Various roles).

These final six will take part in their own “Working Actors in Vancouver” panel currently slotted for Thursday.

The convention schedule has recently been posted on Creation’s dedicated page for the event, and includes a new performance of Gary Jones’s “Star Hole,” featuring Dean Haglund of X-Files fame, Thursday night.

Also recently announced is the return of Executive Producers Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper for a special panel on Sunday discussing their new baby, Stargate Universe.

The fun begins next Thursday, April 2! If you cannot make it to the event, keep your browser glued to GateWorld for all the latest headlines, photos, and special on-the-spot podcasts!

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15 years ago

Though I can’t say I could be there, I thank all those responsible for bringing this info to us. And I hope SGU have episodes—if only in flashbacks— where a few if not all of these wonderful actors have their time in the sun once more.