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Anderson confirms SGU appearances

Monday - April 6, 2009

Richard Dean Anderson has confirmed to his official fan site that he will make multiple guest appearances early in the first season of Stargate Universe, including the 2-hour series premiere (“Air,” Parts 1 and 2).

GateWorld reported the guest appearances last week (story), but this is our much-anticipated confirmation that the actor will indeed appear in the show’s first episode — as he did with Atlantis.

In a message to fans posted at, the actor behind General Jack O’Neill said that he’ll make a number of appearances in approximate the first six episodes of the series (though he did not say six appearances, in total).

“I was up there doing a snippet of a scene with Robert Carlyle and I’ll be going back March 17 for another scene in part 2 of the two-hour,” Anderson said. “I had told Brad [Wright] that if he wanted help in the launch of Universe I’d love to be a part of it. (Truth be known, I missed those guys ‘n gals.)

“So I’ll make a few slim appearances in the first half-dozen episodes, or so. Again, details are sketchy, but I’ve already shot the first of my scenes so the ball is rolling. Andy Mikita is directing the two-hour, so we had a good hug and huge laugh.”

Anderson also confirmed that the third SG-1 movie has been officially green-lit by MGM. The film is currently being scripted by Brad Wright and Carl Binder.

Stargate Universe tells the story of a group of scientists, civilians, and military personnel who find themselves trapped on board an Ancient exploratory vessel in another galaxy, and who are unable to alter the ship’s course or return home.

Michael Shanks (“Daniel Jackson”) and Gary Jones (“Walter Harriman”) will also make guest appearances in the series premiere (story).

The show is currently shooting episode 5 (“Earth,” in which Anderson also appears), and premieres this fall on SCI FI Channel in the U.S. Head over to to read the full message, and learn more about the new show at GateWorld’s SGU Launch Center!

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • When your show is shakey…bring in Jack! Well whatever the reason, I don’t care as long as we have Jack O’Neill (and Richard Dean Anderson) back at Stargate where he belongs.

  • It’s great to have Richard Dean Anderson back! I’m looking forward to seeing that scene he has with Robert Caryle’s character! Two of my favourite actors sharing the same screen’s too cool! I hope that Jack will get to interact with other SG: U characters! I’d especially like to see him in a scene with Colonel Young and Colonel Telford! That’d be sweet!

  • Well if Ricky Dean is helping kick it off then I guess it might not be as far aware from current Stargate as I’m starting to fear.

  • I’ll watch SGU if nothing else, to see Jack again :) I soo miss the original SG-1 cast…

  • Well if they need the fantastic Richard Dean Anderson(Jack O’Neill)off my number 1 sg1 show to start off sgu tells me something that i thought would happen….. as soon as i heard about sgu….

  • Yes,Jack O’Neill is what Stargate Universe show needs if it wants to survive as long as SG1 & please bring back SG1 team back

  • Its like i’m awaken from centuries of sleep & with joy to hear Jack O’neill & Daniel Jackson is back in Stargate Universe & hopefully with SG1 team back as ‘PEACEFUL EXPLORERS FROM PLANET EARTH’.Believe me & i’m sure with the rest of stargate sg1 fans that without O’neill,Sam,Daniel & Teal’c stargate franchise wouldnt & couldnt come this far.Lastly ,please bring back SG1 team at all cost

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