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Jace Hall visits Stargate set

Thursday - May 14, 2009
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Internet fan geek series The Jace Hall Show paid a visit to the set of Stargate in Vancouver, B.C., and the episode is now online! Visit or watch the embedded video below.

Jace (himself a Stargate fan) talks with SG-1, Atlantis, and Stargate Universe co-creator Brad Wright, who shows him the new set of the Icarus Base (transformed from the S.G.C. set) used for SGU, and the main Atlantis set.

The segment runs about 5 minutes.

Jace Hall also recently showed segments with Atlantis‘s Joe Flanigan (“John Sheppard”) and the cast of Sanctuary:

(Thanks to Morjana, Chad and many others for the tips!)

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • Booo. Video not available (guess its because I’m Canada). Hate it when that happens.

  • Someone please soon post YouTube links to these clips when they are available! Especially for us Europeans! :D

  • SOVAL! I didn’t think Gary would do something like this type of humor. Then again I am tainted by his Vulcan Character. All serious and no sense of humor.

  • The only people with any class here are Brad Wright and Amanda Tapping. This show is sick, and JF is officially detestable now. Why don’t people understand they can be funny without trying to say as many revolting things as possible?

  • @Twiceborn, you should have heard the one with Katie Sackhoff (from BSG)!!
    LOL (loved JF even more after watching this and think Jace hall is cool).
    And OMG, if you ever follow Lexa Doig on Twitter you will certainly get an eyeful!!! Even Amanda has a bit of a “blue streak”!
    Most people are a bit profane in real life, if said in good humor, it’s not hurting anyone.
    But everyone has their tastes, and I respect that.
    Brad Wright hurt a lot of people with his decision to cancel Atlantis, so I can’t share your enthusiasm for him, that’s real action, which hurts more than swear words!

  • ha ha the one with JF was very funny i was lmao when i was watching it, he so funny and cute.

  • I don’t want to hurt peoples feelings, but Brad Wright’s coin toss was halarious. The fans act like he’s evil for canceling a show that was failing anyway. Even some crazy fans are after Joe Mallozzi when he wanted SGA to stay on air. Please, when are they going to get over this? I supose when SGU hooks them.

  • @TwiceBorn

    Well your entitled to your opinion, BUT SGA WAS NOT FAILING, the ratings were good and had even improved, the shows won countless awards, so IMHO YOUR WRONG!

    And when are we gonna get over the axing of SGA for (B)SG U, IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL FIRST!

    To get hooked on (B)SG U as you put it, is I guess a) you have to watch the “thing” in the first place & b) it has to be good. Considering for me that neither a or b are on the table.

    It can sink without a trace, I’ll follow the SGA actors careers thanks, and will never support Mr “tactful I know everything” Wright!

    It was Cooper/Wright that got bored with SGA and wanted his new little crappie project of there’s, NOT MANY SGA FANS!

    Frankly you an stick it where the sun don’t shine. I wouldn’t EVEN WATCH THIS RUBBISH IS THE ENTIRE SGA CAST GUESS STARRED!

  • Cant see the vid as in the UK :-(, only interested in JF though, sure he was brill, saw him here in Feb at a con an he’s “awesome” really nice guy an “so funny too” oh yeah AN SO CUTE :-), anyone know of a You Tube link yet?

    @TwiceBorn sorry couldn’t give two hoots or a flying fig for SGU, not watching doesnt appeal in the slightest and have NO interest in want either Wright or Cooper have to say!

  • shepsgirl4ever:
    You’ve proved my point.

    I don’t expect SGU to be anything special. Really, I don’t. But imo SGA was almost near worthless by the time season 5 rolled around. I was hopeing it would either change dramaticaly, or get cancled. Stargate has done both. Cancled SGA, and changeing Stargate in general with SGU. I like the idea.

  • TwiceBorn

    I don’t get how shepsgirl4ever proved your point? but each to there own opinion. I thought S5 was poor but was getting back to what SGA was in season 1-3 (BEFORE they killed off Weir) slowly but surely getting back its rythem,an getting away for the dark gloomy crap. An the only reason it had gotten poor was the writers, the same ones now doing SGU!!!!

    IMHO change the writers not axe the show, lots of us still loved and love it. SGU is just not for me.

    SGA is my favourite it surpassed SG1 IMHO but its always gonna come down owns POV.

  • WolfDog

    Big thanks hun, JF looked lovelly :-)made my evening I can go to bed now a happy camper lol.

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