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Producer reveals Atlantis movie title

Saturday - May 16, 2009
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UPDATE: Mallozzi has confirmed the working title for the Atlantis movie. The report below has been updated accordingly.

The Stargate Atlantis movie now has a finished script and a working title, executive producer and co-writer Joseph Mallozzi reported on his blog this week. Mallozzi teased fans that the movie title may be revealed over the weekend.

Today, this photo surfaced — at his dogs’ Twitter account, of all places!

The photo shows the on-screen title page of Stargate: Extinction. It’s the working title of the film, written by Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, who served as executive producers and show runners on the last two years of the television series.

The title is consistent with last year’s direct-to-DVD SG-1 movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum — though it’s possible the studio may wish to keep “Atlantis” in the title to distinguish between the SG-1 and Atlantis films.

“It’s the working title,” Mallozzi added, “but I kind of like it because a) it’s story appropriate, b) a dynamic title, and most importantly c) not ‘Dark Gambit.'”

Stay tuned to GateWorld as the first Atlantis movie continues its way through the production pipe! Read more about it in GateWorld’s Movie guide.

(Thanks to Quade and Carrie for the tip!)

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • haha! Check Ronon out in his new costume! I suppose his usual one was in the dry cleaners or getting a wash for the first time EVER during that photo shoot! Maybe the rest of the team, or City even can once and for all remove the nose-plugs! XD

    Seriously tho’… This is awesome news tbh! At least we have a lot more hope now that there may Actually Be an SGA Movie afterall!! Awesome!

    Thanks for the news Gateworld! And of course “Quade”! ;)

  • really works well as a title, though i think it should be Stargate Atlantis: Extinction though SG1 didnt get that treatment either.

  • This is terrific! Thank goodness we’re hearing some news about this movie FINALLY!! Now we just need to know when they are going to shoot it and finally release it. My guess…late 2010.

  • I guess that seals the fate of the wraith…or the Asgard? =/

  • I’d never trust Mallozzi with a secret. Give him another couple of months and he’ll have spoiled the entire movie.

    Have any of the actors signed on yet?

  • I’m still a doubting thomas though, don’t believe much that comes out of the mouths of TPTB ;-(. But that said it is the best bit of news to date, at least its going in the right direction. Something positive since the demise of Stargate as series anyway.

    But I wont believe it till the actors have confirmed they have been approached and or confirmed they are available.

    In them my trust lies, certainly not JM or Wright/Cooper!!! After all we have had Spin and lies before.

  • Where is this hot photo? I can’t any new ones?!?! Are you on about the one with all of them in water?

  • I think Jim and I are both talking about the photo at the top of this News Post carrollwoman! lol. ;)

  • this is news i totally wanted to hear sooooooo lookin forward to the movie can’t wait till the sc1 movie aswell

  • awsome title thanks for the info
    finally wraith will be defeate it once and for all
    and they will get extict hhhhhh

  • does any body know if it is going to be in theater or directley to DVD

  • Seems a positive step, but I am sceptical so we will just have to wait and see.

  • Have the actors confirmed yet whether or not they are available, as its all well and good having a “working title & script”.

    Besides this JM bloke doesn’t seem all that reliable. Hopefully if a movie goes ahead, it will show them HOW GREAT SGA is an they will bring it back as a series after all SGU is gonna sink without a trace ” ha ha

  • Interesting, but I also want to know if the actors have been asked if yes then I’ll be more excited.

  • I don’t trust TPTB I will believe it when I see it. They want to string us along with a little news here and there to keep us excited when all they really want is to get us to watch SGU well its great about the movie if it happens. I still won’t be watching sgu.

  • As I already said I’m a doubting thomas and I agree with Buddybear, it does feel a bit like stringing us along,to make us give SGU chance!

    I have no intention what ever the outcome re the movie to watch SGU.

  • Sounds like the usual,trying to appease the fans,keep the negativity away from the SGU door. As others have said I’ll believe when I hear the actor have been signed,I no longer have faith in what JM & others have to say, sorry! yeah this may be a ploy to get us to give SGU a chance.Thats still a no for me then.

  • What the hell is your problem Buddybear and Atlantis Rocks? There’s like five months before we even se the first episode of SGU and you are already bitchin and talking about how you are not going to watch SGU. Wait for it to air, look at the pilot and THEN decide what you think about it! Man I really don’t get you people! Bashing a show, that after all is MADE by the people behind SG1 and Atlantis! At least have the respect of watching the first episode before you spit on the creators faces!

  • I’ve gotta go with “Buddybear”, “Atlantis Rocks”, and “Chucknician” here. Here’s what I know: They’ve finished the first draft of a script and have selected a working title for a possible new SGA direct-to-DVD movie. That’s all well and good. I’ll be glad if it actually happens. But I’m STILL NOT going to watch SGU! :0p They blew the whole loyalty thing when they canceled Atlantis.

  • @Nikst
    Thanks BUT no, I’ve looked at the trailers, read the bio’s see the cast line up read interviews, have never liked Robert Carlyle. I’m basing my views on what I have read an seen, don’t like docu style filming. I could go on about what I don’t like so far, but this isn’t the place, if you want to PM me, I’ll happily give you a full break down. As I am sick to death of people telling me I should watch the pilot as its not been aired yet WHY!!!!!

  • I am very excited about the SGA movie, and, for the most part, loved SGA. I have absolutely no interest in SGU, based on what I have heard and my residual bad feelings from the cancellation.
    (Not sure why I should feel compelled to watch the new show, just because I enjoyed another one in the franchise?)
    I am waiting with much anticipaition for Extinction!

  • I hope the final/production title adds the word Atlantis somewhere as if Stargate Atlantis: Extinction or Atlantis: Extinction.
    Stargate alone is too generic, about teh franchise in general. I’m a fan of Stargate Atlantis fan, not a fan of the Stargate franchise in general.

  • I agree that it should be Stargate Atlantis Extinction an hope that is what they will do in the finished product. As others have pointed out, I am not watching SGU in part due to the cancellation of SGA BUT mainly I’m not interested in that type of show, based on what I have read and seen, an I wouldn’t have watched even if SGA had not been cancelled, I’m sorry I just don’t like it. An I agree with atlantis4ever I am fan of SGA not the franchise in general.

  • @ Atlantis Rocks
    So basically its guilty until proven innocent, but you’re not even going to let them try to prove that they are innocent. Well we can be sure of one thing, you are not jury-material =)

  • @Nikst ok your point being?:
    If you are a SGU fan judging that the new show will be awesome, this is solely based on info provided by TPTB and interviews and teasers, therefore there is NO proven facts that its gonna be awesome!!!. This is just the opposite of other fans basing there opinions on the same info solely provided by the TPTB, interviews an teasers that its gonna b bad,again therefore there is NO proven facts that its gonna be bad! It hasn’t aired yet BOTH groups are making assumptions are they not? Why is one way correct and fine and the other not?.TakeSGU out of the picture,average people judge what they watch or wont watch based on info,teasers, interviews.At the pictures a trailer comes on you either think ” that looks good, I’ll check it out or I’ll give that a miss” SO YOU ARE basing your decision on something that’s not been aired,NO?.Since TV was invented & people started going to the pictures some have always based what they want to watch on marketing, trailer,ads interviews and reviews etc,this can produce positive AND negative opinions. How may times have you sat there with your remote control channel hopping stopping on the synopsis reading it and thinking “sounds good or sounds bad”. You may well pass on something that’s good because the synopsis didn’t appeal. This type of thing happens in all walks of life, from a critic reviewing a show on the stage, to a restaurant.SO again I don’t understand why so many people seem to think its odd that some fans don’t want to watch the show based on what they have read or seen about it, its actually quite normal.

  • I NEVER said that I thought it was going to be awesome, it might suck! But I am going to give it a chance. There goes 2/3 of your argumentation out the window. And sorry but you CANT say “TakeSGU out of the picture” because that’s the whole point, it is in the picture, and that’s the biggest, from your point of view it might be the only reason, reason you should give it a chance. You like Atlantis? Did you like SG1? I don’t know why somebody would like just one and not the other. So based on the look at one pilot of SGU and THEN tell the creators to go f themselves if you still don’t like it. I have not, as you seem to think, made up my mind about SGU, I’m not sure that its going to be great or even ok, but I’m going to give it a shot. I can see what you all are saying about it looking like its going to be another BattleStar Galactica and dark and so on, but I am at least going to watch the pilot and then decide if I like it or not.

  • @Nikst we will just have to agree to disagree.

  • @ Atlantis Rocks
    I guess will have to. But I have a feeling you will eventually take a sneak peek at SGU, sooner or later YOU WILL =D

  • @Nikst With due respect, DON’T presume to to think you know what I will or wont do, coz really your barking up the wrong tree, those that do know me would tell you, when my mind is made up, its made up.

    Each to his or her own, I’ll wait for the SGA movie, as for me thats what “I’m interested in” if it doesnt happen, I will follow the actors in there careers!

  • mmm SGA Extinction are they trying to say this is it?? i hope not, well its about time we get some news on this and i hope they get all of the actors on this movie!!! because i have only heard they have three signed on….

  • @Atlantis Rocks Hmm, do I really need to spell it out for you? Ok: IT WAS A JOKE! Man your easy to piss of aren’t you? That’s one thing I’ve learned. Whatever, let’s just drop the discussion. You hate SGU, even though you haven’t seen the show, and I am going to give it a chance. You’ve made up your mind, I haven’t. The end.

  • Oh look at me I hate SGU. Sorry to say it this way but you SGU bashers are attention whores. No need to pollute all news bits with your complaints, we read them 100 times already. They’d post a Stargate cake receipe on this site and you’d find a way to bash SGU. We get you, OK? Now please let us appreciate good news when it comes in. Thank you.

    I’m glad they’re working on the movie and hopefully it will get produced quickly. The more Stargate the happier I am. Since Atlantis is on Earth, me thinks Extinction refers to our planet/species. That or the bad Asgards are killing all humans in the Pegasus galaxy since Atlantis is gone to get rid of the Wraith. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon!

  • Why do people hate SGU so much? Let me ask you a couple questions.
    1. Do you like SG1, and if you do how can you like SGA there different in so many levels, the acting in SG1 is far better.
    2. How many people didnt like when SGA came out, were you guys the same way agianst SGA as you are on SGU?
    3. How many are you still upset that SG1 and SGA got cancelled? If you are try not to take your anger out on SGU, it maybe good and it maybe not.

    In MY opinion, SGU, it looks interesting, I’m not saying it looks awesome, but interesting. Some good actors have join, and some new ones.

    To me, SG1 is better than SGA, the reason is simple the orginial is always going to be better. For example, look at star wars the orginial first three rocked, the next three not so much. As long as SGU lives up the the humor and story telling as SG1/SGA Ill watch.

  • Oh and im sorry I forgot this classic quotes from SG1:

    Col. Samantha Carter: General.
    Brigadier General Jack O’Neill: Colonel. We’ve all met.
    Dr. Daniel Jackson: Yes, actually we know each other’s life stories.
    Brigadier General Jack O’Neill: That snippiness?
    Dr. Daniel Jackson: Is that a word?

  • @ sramir2
    The acting better in SG1? Well you cant say that in general. The guy who plays Rodney McCay, David Hewlett, in Atlantis beats pretty much anybody on SG1 as far as the acting goes. The only one I like better is Richard Dean Anderson, and Michael Shanks.

    But Shanks and Hewlett are both right there, doing an even battle. The only reason I like SG1 more is because of Richard Dean Anderson, Jack O’Neill is the best! SG1 without him was never even close to being as good as it was with him. By the way, I’m not a SGU hater =)

    As far as acting is concerned SGU has allot more power under the hood. The thing is, when Atlantis started I thought that they will never have a character that can match Jack O’Neill, and they didn’t, but they had Rodney, and he was awesome, but in a different way. And who’s to say that SGU won’t have awesome characters, not the same, but still awesome.

  • Stargate Atlantis: Extinction?

    Say those words out loud, it sounds terrible. Hopefully it’ll just be Stargate: Extinction

  • @sramir2
    First all NO NOT REALLY a SG1 fan its ok, saw some eps,I AM SGA fan, every ep, love the Show, Sheppard is WAY better than O’Neill IMO. Just because you like one part of the franchise DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU AUTOMATICALLY LIKE THE OTHER BITS! I’m not a puppy dog led around by a collar a fed bones, so WHY the assumptions that I have 2 like SGU! Just because its got Stargate in the title?!
    Sramir2 YES in your opinion there are some good actors, in mind there are NOT personally I don’t like Robert Carlyle SO WHY WATCH A SHOW with a actor you don’t care for, IMO I loved the 2nd set of Star Wars films almost as much as the first. Wasn’t around last time when SG1 was axed, didn’t mind as I was mainly into SGA an at the end of the day SG1 did have 10 seasons again this is IMO. If people choose for what ever reason NOT to like SGU so what!! its there choice. ME I think it looks horrible a BSG clone at best a bad Sci Fi prog at worse. AND I HATED BSG!

    All I want is A SGA film or ideally the show back as 1 film here an there ” maybe” does not replace a weekly show!

  • Zero interest in universe. All I care about is the atlantis movie. Anyone who gets bent about that can just impotently sit there and deal.

  • I liked SGA quite a bit better than SG1, although it was good too.
    In terms of acting, most all the lead characters on both shows were quite talented, although I am most appreciative of Joe Flanigan’s acting skills.

  • @Joycelm2

    Hey, calm down first.(paraphrase here: did they get the dounuts, and you made sure they are kispy kremes ) I didnt say that you were ‘I’m not a puppy dog led around by a collar a fed bones'(actually thats a pretty good line anyway). And aslo about Robert Carlye I really don’t know who he even is, and if hes not your kind of actor, OK find by me. I never watch BSG so I don’t care I LOVE the universe of Stargate, I love the,’snippiness’, of the show. . I’m not saying that SGU will be good, I hope it is and if it is not I will yell, and cuss Sci Fi and the people who made it. But guess what ‘the man’ decided it was time for SGA.


    Your right on David Hewlett hes awesome. but, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, and Don S. Davis(I HATED that he Died:( ) had great chemistry togehter. While the characters of SGA didn’t always feel right. Their OK actors, but they didn’t feel right(maybe cause they were only together for 5 ****ing years). The only character that I really didn’t like was Rachel Luttrell(BUT SHE IS A HOTTIE!!!!)

    Next Quote:

    Prior: We are beacons on the road to enlightenment.
    Cameron Mitchell: No, you’re dark-side intergalactic encyclopedia salesmen. Unfortunately, the home office hasn’t been quite upfront with you.
    Dr. Daniel Jackson, Ph.D.: Nice work on the metaphor.
    Cameron Mitchell: Thank you.

  • I never said that SGA is bad, but what I am saying is this, they seem almost just to throw things from SG1 into SGA. Like the asgard I think the only reason they put them in there was to relieve the tension between them and us.

    the acting is on par with each other. but SG1 just seem to follow better. Both had there downfalls in acting, and both had their upsides to.

    Classic Quote:

    Jack O’Neill: If we want to find out who’s behind this, we have to do what the Asgard do.
    Daniel: You mean bluff?
    Jack O’Neill: Yep. We just need to do it without revealing what we know.
    Daniel: Which is nothing.
    Jack O’Neill: Right. But they don’t know we know nothing.

  • Imitation Tofu, I’m with you here, couldnt give a toss about SGU an couldnt give a toss that others think its terrible I’m not watching it ITS JUST PLAIN SIMPLE, I’M NOT INTERESTED IN IT, SO BLOODY WELL GET OVER IT, OR IGNORE ME.

    Its just SGA I’m interested in full stop! an the working the title of the film its self feels me with dread Extinction? After all this time couldnt JM have come up with a better working title, I mean they must have known that people would start to see the bad side of that name, or maybe not.

    Extinction of what the whole thing, the final nail in the coffin of SGA or just the Wraith or Asgard etc.. STUPID working title IMO, just fuelled an already VERY HEATED debate Well DONE JM & TPTB. This whole thing sucks, it just sucks.

    @ Joycelm2 your right 1 movie now an again DOES NOT make up the lost of the show. Considering we have NO idea if the actors have been approached or there is the money people in place, as I heard on another forum that MGM are in trouble financially? An if JF isnt available or doesnt want to do it, then that will be it for me, I will switch off for good and just follow other stuff they all do! They either get them ALL back or nothing IMO

  • the name Extinction is good, if they play it right. do you really think they would make a movie without having the orginal cast? if they did that it would be horrible, in every which wat possible. and Stop yelling. the only thing i was doing was voicing my opinion. some of you people need to calm down. Good for you that you don’t like SGU.

    anybody have a clue what the third SG1 movie will be named? all i really know is that it will be about Jack O’niell and that every person is signed execpt for chris judge. they don’t want cluadia black and thats good for me.

  • its all about sga. im not interested in watching universe. i just like sga becuase of the humor, bickering between john and mckay and other stuff. as for the sga movie we all know that JF has not been approached yet what the heck is TPTB waiting for?

  • hey all u guys said the same thing about atlantis when it started, “oh its gonna suck and im not gonna watch it” now look at u. u all like it, and ur giving sgu the boot before it even airs.

  • I don’t like it when people say “I hate it just because” and it’s true that people can like all the shows: SG-1, SGA and the future SGU, too.

    On the other hand, to bash people who have objective reasons not to watch SGU, that’s very much not okay either.

    I for one have no intention to watch SGU, because I dislike Robert Carlyle, I hate the “darker tone” and BSG/ST:V likeness (I hated BSG) and the characters are simply eye-rolling (a senator’s daughter in space? really?). I watched the trailers, I read the interviews and the more I learn about it, the more I dislike it. The thing is, I did approach it objectively – what I’ve seen so far turned me off.

    But I’m very much excited about the SGA movie and I hope that they will film it this year! It’ll be awesome to see the team back together – at least I hope that it’ll be a team-driven movie, not a wannabe space romance á la Brain Storm.

  • First of all, I’m very excited to see at least a working title. Lord knows it can and probably will change 20 times before the movie is ever actually made. I will say though, that I’m still taking a wait and see stance on things, until I’ve heard that all of the main cast have been signed. With regards to the whole SGU debate going on, I’m not interested in the show. My reason has more to do with the fact that my trust in the SG PTB has been ruined than weather or not I think it will be good. IMO they ruined SG1 after RDA left. I never could warm up to Cam and Vala though I tried, all I could see was Farscape. I lost interest half way through the 9th season. TPTB also ruined SGA with all the character changes and just rather poor writing after the 3rd season. I have no desire to watch anything else any of them create (meaning new shows), because they’ve proven they will eventually ruin what makes it good. And quite frankly I’m tired of it. Plain and simple.

  • “I guess that seals the fate of the wraith…or the Asgard? =/
    spaceerased | May 16 @ 3:51 pm”

    LOL – no chance of that – it wouldn’t make for a movie that anyone would want to watch! The “extinction” in the title refers to threatened extinction of the human race from one of the old enemies such as the Wraith. After all, they came close to trashing earth in the series finale; who’s to say that more “super hive” ships aren’t on their way to Earth?

  • I *want* so badly to be excited about this movie, but the last few seasons of SGA have me in the habit of wondering if each new part of the saga is going to rock or make me cringe.

    I especially hope Keller doesn’t have a large role. I’ve loved Jewel as an actress since she was on “Space Cases”, and I still do, but Keller is a bland character that was shoved down our throats to such an extent that she ruined a chunk of Season Five for me. Her romance with McKay was one of the most painfully forced and awkward things I’ve ever seen, despite the fact Jewel and David Hewlett are tremendously talented actors. Their characters simply have no chemistry together, nor do they make sense as a couple. I truly hope they play their relationship down the way they did in the series finale.

    Regardless of my concerns, I’m definitely going to watch this movie when it comes out. I love the Atlantis Universe and the characters in it far too much not to take advantage of the chance to see them in action again.

  • I move beyond all the fandom stuff when it comes to whether I will watch SGU, SGA, or SG-1 productions. I am a consumer – and a member of a demographic that TPTB have chosen to either ignore or more accurately, have thrown under the proverbial bus with the cancellation of SGA. The “installation” of SGU as the replacement for a show that I was willing to spend my money on through cable subscriptions and DVD purchases doesn’t sit well. SGU as a concept was supposed to team up with SGWorlds to get into the pockets of under 30 males and make more money for TPTB. Unfortunately for them, the company developing SGW bellied up in the horrible economy and SGW is on hold or dead. So, now SGU must fill the deep pockets of TPTB and I doubt that will happen. However, it doesn’t affect how I consume TV or DVDs; I will not watch SGU but I’ve pre-ordered SGA Season 5 to add to every other DVD they’ve produced. I will believe the SGA movie will be produced when it starts filming. If it’s a “Keller-Lovathon” I’ll simply ignore it and not purchase it. Nothing against Jewel Staite; but these guys have a hero-worship of her that is beyond ridiculous (and a need for the geek to get the girl to re-write their own horrible high school years or something) and they can’t write women for crap. Rodney McKay is one of the best characters on TV in recent memory; he doesn’t need changing or validation from a pretty girl, FCOL. Anyway, as a consumer of SG products, SGU is out, SGA and SG-1 are a go for me depending on the focus; I’ve watcher and purchased them all so far, but my loyalty is not guaranteed since, to be pragmatic about it, TPTB damaged that loyalty with the horrible handling of the SGA cancellation and ignorance of their true demographic.

  • @ pragmaticconsumer

    I could not agree with you more I felt the last season of sga was ruined with Keller at every turn instead of team episodes. I agree they must have been obsessed with her. IMO LOL.

  • @buddybear – like I said – the writers, particularly Gero, are making The Geek (who isn’t really The Geek, but they’re guys and can be blind like that – we girls love McKay and his snarky self) get the gorgeous girl – NO MATTER WHAT – to avenge themselves, relive their youth, since they didn’t get the girl in high school – or something along those lines. Turning SGA into a soap opera was a damned poor choice that they could have gotten themselves out of very easily-move Keller to the background and The Team to the foreground. But, they chose to continue their Keller/Staite worship (AGAIN, this is not Jewel Staite’s fault – it’s the fault of men making BAD choices) and the idea of her from Firefly or something. Different characters; different casts; bad choices. And, since they can’t write women characters (esp. Keller – annoying and weak) in general, it only adds to the cringe factor when it comes to McKay/Keller. AND, when I asked my hubby what he thinks of Keller, he says “Feh.” Says it all, really.

  • How are the 2 words Stargate and Extinction put together “dynamic”!?

    And does anyone else see a kind of Freudian tell about the mindset of Mallozi and SGA’s cancellation? It’s not only story appropriate, it’s series appropriate.

    Or rather inappropriate?
    (viewer’s choice)

  • Thank god someone has finally seen sense and decided to let us experience more Atlantis and the gorgeous Ronan Dex. Just watched the last episode of season 5 already in withdrawal. Must say so far my fav is Sadeta love the rifle lift with the foot. Love the series. cant wait

  • cant wait for the movie… for some reason seems like they taking forever… longer then the sg-1 films… been sooo long since iv seen a new sg episode/movie… Yea SGU looks sucky, but i dont care its stargate. And im sure it will be good.. they made 2 real good series.. and sta was alil better then sg-1 so im sure sgu will be alil better then sta will jst take some time to get into it… But at this point im feening for Staragte, SO THEY BETTER HURRY UP ERR.

  • I have been wanting to voice my opinion on the cancellation of Atlantis for awhile now.I am a big Stargate fan and i miss it very much!I own all the dvd’s of Atlantis & SG-1 and i just can’t understand why it is that networks cancel good quality shows with a great cast and replace them with crap! Since i have all the episodes on dvd i don’t even watch the Sci-Fi channel any more.They have nothing worth watching!I don’t think i’ll get into Universe because they’ll cancel it and leave you hangin once again!To whomever took my show away…..You suck!

  • I echo the above statement this does suck an SGU never will I watch it, I really just dont want to.An Syfy well you have F all on thats interesting. BUT WHERES the movie NOTHING AT ALL for months this is a disgrace an as usual SGA has been shelved for SGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope PTB do read this messages an realise how p’d off fans are. Atlantis SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CANCELLED but as it was an the movies were promised that should at least be happening, my view of those in charge can not get any lower it is already in the gutter along with SGU!

  • I’m still so pissed they canceled SGA so I really cannot wait for this movie! I hope its not full of the Keller Mckay romace either. Also PLEASE do not have them searching the whole movie for ZPM’s only to deplete them after a few minutes leaving Atlantis powerless AGAIN!! I’m looking foward to SGU, but the trailer really makes it look stupid.

  • I don’t believe the movie will ever happen if it hasn’t begun by now. It’s been too long–the cast has moved on, and TPTB are too invested in ‘Universe’ to the exclusion of all else.

  • I agree w its sad they had to bring in Tapping, she belongs in SG1- WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL DR WEIR. think the series slowly died with her. don’t understand what the blonds are doing in Atlantis- makes it look even cheaper and dumber than the american series it is. at least we still have Teila…

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