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SGU gets three more episode titles

Tuesday - June 9, 2009
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The list of episodes for the freshman season of Stargate Universe is rolling along, with three new titles revealed this week at producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog.

Episode 14 is tentatively titled “Lucid,” written by a new freelance writer and to be directed by Robert C. Cooper. Based on previous hints dropped by Mallozzi, the episode will focus on Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle).

“Sabotage” is episode 15, penned by former Atlantis writer-producer Martin Gero. (Martin is now in New York, working on the new HBO series Bored To Death.)

Finally, episode 16 is titled “Lost.” This one is also being written by a freelancer.

“The episode numbers and titles are subject to change, so nobody get too attached,” Mallozzi said.

Check out the full Season One episode guide in GateWorld’s SGU Launch Center! The show will premiere this October on SCI FI Channel in the United States, SPACE in Canada, and Sky1 in the U.K.

(Thanks to Madwelshboy for the tip!)

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  • Cool, I’m hoping “Lucid” is gonna have Carlyle go dark side ( cos lucid = clear / rational, so I’m hoping the writers are gonna for an ironic title and he actually goes kind nuts ) cos I loved all of Stargate’s villains ( Michael, Ba’al etc. ) and with the next episode called “Sabotage” it would make sense for Carlyle to be the one doing stuff to mess with them all cos he sounds pretty shifty from his character description, then maybe they get lost cos of the sabotage? The Destiny gets put off course maybe? I’m probably just reading into the titles too much, Mallozzi said they’re subject to change

  • By the way I know Carlyle is portraying Dr. Rush but I’m used to calling him Carlyle

  • oops, when I said “gonna for” it should be “going for” and when I said I hope Carlyle goes “kind nuts” I meant “kinda nuts”, I didn’t mean anything crude it was just a typo :)

  • I’m not watching these eps. I can already tell from the titles they’ve been done before and are gonna be stupid. Lost? Their totally ripping of the show “Lost” and I’ve never liked watching it so that ep I’ll just have to skip.

    Okay, I’m totally joking so no one kill me.
    Shawn, I agree. I’ve always thought Stargate would be a ball if one of the main characters were an antagonist. They missed a great chance to do that with Woosley. It’d be cool if SGU had just a tiny dollop of BSG and a pinch of 24. That’s what stargate needs to be good again.

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