Goldsmith: ‘Children’ soundtrack a possibility

Composer Joel Goldsmith tells GateWorld a soundtrack release of the final cut of "Children of the Gods" is possible.

With the DVD release of “Children of the Gods: Final Cut” less than a week away, fans have been wondering if they can expect composer Joel Goldsmith’s retooled score for the SG-1 pilot to become available for purchase.

GateWorld phoned the composer to see if we could get the answer.

“We’ve been talking about it but we haven’t made that decision yet,” said Goldsmith. “We’re looking forward to it. Right now all our focus is on Stargate Universe.”

Brad Wright began making plans in 2008 to re-cut “Children of the Gods” into a product that is more consistent with what the franchise has become over the past 12 years.

This includes giving Goldsmith the opportunity to create a new score, the original of which Wright felt was too “heavy-handed,” as it included elements taken directly from the original “Stargate” feature.

“It’s very possible that you’ll see a soundtrack for ‘Children of the Gods,” Goldsmith said.

And what of his team’s progress on Universe? “It’s going great. We’re now on episode six.”

“Children of the Gods: Final Cut” arrives on DVD Tuesday, July 21. Stick with GateWorld for more on this potential soundtrack in the coming weeks!

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14 years ago

Well its another thing for the franchise of Stargate. He does make great soundtracks so thats good.But it must be totaly different then any other soundtrack will they cell it. I mean the first episode is what is it almost 12 years old now, and they bring a renewed version on the market next week. The soundtrack I can live with that, but why they had to change the first episode of Children of the gods? I dont see why they had too. Sorry.Maby showing a trailer works!

14 years ago

I hope that Goldsmith’s team will release a soundrack per season like other composers are doing with their shows.

Like Jazz said, I don’t understand the point of making a new cut on a pilot that has been done 12 years ago. I hope that it’s not only about the quick nude shot.

14 years ago

I agree in that I hope more Stargate soundtracks are released. The Best of Season 1 cd is amazing. I have always felt it a shame that more were not released.