Screen Capture Gallery: SG-1 Season Five

Five new albums from Season Five special features have been added to the GateWorld Gallery!

This week’s GateWorld Gallery update features Season Five of Stargate SG-1!

The groundbreaking and controversial year for the series featured a handful of DVD special features that gave fans an up-close and personal look into the lives of the cast and crew like never before.

This time the actors were given video cameras by MGM and instructed to film their average, or not-so-average, days at work. Additionally, Peter DeLuise gives a tour of a brand new set.

Over 1,000 screen captures from this season have been uploaded for your use and enjoyment, and are detailed below!

Dr. Daniel Jackson – A Tribute (32 images) – Michael Shanks discusses his role on the show (archive footage).

Inside The Tomb (159 images) – Director Peter DeLuise gives a guided tour through the tomb set from Season Five’s “The Tomb,” built within the Goa’uld mothership sets.

Video Diary: Christopher Judge (225 images) – Judge takes fans through a typical day of work on “The Warrior,” a highlight episode for the actor.

Video Diary: Michael Shanks (227 images) – Shanks tours the Goa’uld space station sets of “Summit” and “Last Stand” and introduces several guest actors.

Video Diary: Amanda Tapping (436 images) – Tapping introduces fans to numerous behind-the-scenes crew members during the filming of Season Five’s “Red Sky.”

Next week the Screen Capture Gallery updates will take a break following Comic-Con, but we’ll return Monday August 3 with Season Six special features!

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