Screen Capture Gallery: SG-1 Seasons Three and Four

The GateWorld Gallery expands its special features section with two seasons of SG-1 and nearly a thousand images.

Don S. Davis and Teryl Rothery

Don S. Davis and Teryl Rothery

It’s a double dose of Seasons this week for the GateWorld Gallery! Because Seasons Three and Four of SG-1 on Region 1 DVD contains a total of five bonus features, we decided we’d save everybody time and publish them simultaneously.

Seasons Three and Four included something very special for fans, as hosts Don S. Davis and Teryl Rothery reprise their roles as General Hammond and Dr. Fraiser in intro and outtro sketches with each feature.

Below is a breakdown for each segment.

Colonel Jack O’Neill Documentary (168 images) – Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, Michael Greenburg, Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner discuss the creation of the SG-1 team leader, Colonel Jack O’Neill.

Personnel Files Documentary (304 images) – Various characters, both primary and satellite, are discussed. Interviews include Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Tony Amendola, Gary Jones, Teryl Rothery, Rob Cooper and Martin Wood, as well as behind-the-scenes footage of “Stargate” actor Kurt Russell visiting the Bridge Studios sets.

Stargate Universe Documentary (117 images) – Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Rob Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie discuss the ongoing adventures of the SG-1 team.

Alien Species: Friend & Foe (99 images) – Peter Williams, Tony Amendola and Rob Cooper discuss some of the various alien races encountered in the first few seasons of the series.

Enhanced Visual Effects (274 images) – Visual Effects Producer James Tichenor demonstrates a composite effect for a Goa’uld cargo ship from “Deadman Switch,” a “flying” primordial Goa’uld from “The First Ones,” destroying Moscow in “Absolute Power,” and much more.

Stay with us next week when we add special features screenshots from Season Five of SG-1 to the GateWorld Gallery!

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