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Did they talk about the SG1 or SGA movies at all?

David Read

Not specifically, no.


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You know this series looks to be prety sweet. I wonder if we will get to see the 4th race that never got an episode before. It would be sweet to see some furling action. But the new release trailer has gotten me so pumped for this show. Can’t wait.

Atlantis Rocks

Sylvia, why would they talk about SGA, they dont think it exists anymore, lets face it they are really trying hard to bury it under the carpet, they have there nice new shinny, now ever so smutty as well,little toy, now an thats all they care about :-( An doesnt Carlyles character remind you of Balter, actually it really is a BSG clone, well it displaced my thoughts of any comparisons to any of the Treks now at least ” ha ha”. How many seasons did BSG go, coz I guess this the next one. I’m now done with Stargate,… Read more »


The Heck with this child-like substitute for Stargate Alantis. Is there even a script? Are they scouting locations for filming. More important, do they all the main cast signed?

SGU is the one that is mostly pitiful. I feel really sorry for the case unlucky enough to follow on the heels of the much beloved SGA. This show doesn’t have a chance. I only hope it isn’t taking time and money away from what really matters. Then new SGA movie.


“Wright and Cooper told the crowd that they are proud of Atlantis’s 5-year run, and didn’t feel it was premature to end it when they did.” Erm, there was also the thing: when they were asked about SGA’s cancellation, Wright ducked out refusing to answer and Robert Cooper said that Wright “flipped a coin” when it came down to the decision if they should keep or cancel the show. Might have been a joke, in any case it was a poor taste and showed more disrespect and lack of understanding of their fanbase. In any case, the trailer was visually… Read more »


I heard the SGA movie got canned already.
it’s not that they didn’t want to do it, it’s that Joe Flanningan asked for WAY too much money, and was unwilling to renegotiate.


@syfyguy I hardly think you are a reliable source when you can’t even spell the guy’s name correctly!


And I hate to say it, cause Shep is my favorite character, but if they really wanted to make a SGA movie they could find a way to make it without him if they needed to; have it be a search for the mising Lt.Col. or something, they have to have enuf file footage to pull it off. So I hardly think that one character not showing up is a deal breaker for the movie. (Even if would be incredibly less enjoyable to me)


I hope SGA and SG1 have not been canned. That being said I have mixed feelings about the new show. All the trailers and producer comments seem to have a BSG’ish feel to them. Similar to the Caprica trailers. I hope this is not true. Peyton Space is not why we watch stargate and sci-fi (oops Sy-Fy).


I really don’t understand the unbridled hate this show is garnering. 5 years for any Sci-Fi show is pretty great. Ask any Farscape fan if they’d have been happy to get just one more year to make it to 5. I loved SGA and was sad to see it go but I think hating SGU because you think it “killed” SGA is a tad on the childish side and usually leaves you missing out on something great. So what if they are borrowing BSG principles? They’d be dumb not to try and somewhat emulate a Peabody-winning show. Most Sci-Fi is… Read more »


i don’t know where else to leave this comment, so… i’m just *very* disappointed that no word has been given on when the 3rd sg1 movie is going to be filmed. i can’t believe not even one fan asked (or so it seems), but still, none of the producers or no one from mgm commented on it?…

i understand the economy is down and that dvd sales are down, but they still had enough money to remix an old episode and put it onto dvd, and to make a brand new series… just saying. :(


The old saying (don’t try and fix what’s not broken) really fits hear SGU is a sensationalized “hope I spelled that right” version of any SG venue. It just was not needed! At all! I hate that it has this jazzed up SEXED up child like Ora. I probably will watch the first episode due to RDA, but it wont be real time and Im pretty sure that any thing other than new SG1/SGU movies SG is done for me. I guess after 12 years I have gotten to used to good clean SG!


airborn, I hear what your saying an agree, why does sex an titillation have to come into everything these days, whats so wrong with firty banter, the odd innuendo some passing remake even if its a bit near the mark, to hint at something IS WAY more sexy IMO. I dint think SGU could become even less intersting but with the addtion to the “sexy bit” IT HAS. I really just dont understand why Atlantis was axed, not only axed but the PROMISED movies “where” same as SG1 “where”. They axed Atlantis on fact going out on top, moving to… Read more »


The trailer raised my hopes for SGU. Thinking back to when the days before I got into Stargate, I would have to say the more alien aspect of SGU would have appealed to me more since I had originally had some incorrect connection of SG-1 with more fantasy (than sci-fi) plotlines.

Now, we just need the SG-1 and SGA movies to be greenlit soon. Recession be damned.


I think SGU looks promising, but I can’t fairly judge it until I have actually watched it, so I will. In regards to the SG-1 movie (featuring RDA), bring it on. In regards to the SGA movie, I would love to see it right on the heels of the SG-1 movie. Here to hoping the recession/depression doesn’t totally kill these options.