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  1. Prometheus 1
    Prometheus 1
    August 12, 2009 at 11:17 pm |

    this makes me really happy. I’m glad to hear that MGM still has every intention of continuing the movie series. I think the Stargate Franchise is definitely booming right now

  2. majorsal
    August 13, 2009 at 12:12 am |

    :( :(

    no more waiting!!!

    the sg1/atlantis movies would be *new*, which is a lot better than all the already-seen movies and tv series monopolizing the dvd market.

  3. XEAGLEX777
    August 13, 2009 at 12:46 am |

    I agree just start on it for all we know this could take a while, so you might as well just get on with the production

  4. jshier
    August 13, 2009 at 12:46 am |

    This definitely seems short sited. The benefit of releasing something direct to DVD is that your profits are limited by ratings. They could release the movies now and they’d sell for the next few years, so I hardly think the current economic situation is going to have much impact. They wait too long and the actors will move on to other things and the movies will become impossible.

  5. jshier
    August 13, 2009 at 12:47 am |

    Er, aren’t limited by ratings. And even if SciFi airs the movies just before or just after the DVDs go on sale, you’re still looking at several years of sales to generate revenue.

  6. Jazz
    August 13, 2009 at 3:06 am |

    Well I am glad to hear somthing about the 2 movies. I was beginning to worry that we would never seen those anymore or hear about it.I do have to agree with jshier here.I’m sure that the crisis is not a great thing these days,but I also dont think thats the main reason here.Was the re cut version of Children of The Gods an attempt to get more money in for at least one of the movies? And then the rumors that the real-world closing of Cheyenne Mountain may result in a relocation of the SG-1’s home base in a future film. Um I am sure there clever people who will create something so that it will not have no influence on future stories for a movie or a series. So I dont think that this must be a problem either.A real problem could be that actors are moving on and have new jobs and they cant make them selfs free to be in the movie on time, and time flies.And MGM pays rent for the Atlantis set that is still standing thats not a great thing while I thought I hard MGM itself is having financial problems or it this solved?Anyway glad that they still want both movies and they did gave the green light. I say dont wait but get starting to make the movies now! The longer you wait the harder it get, and then I guess there realy will be problems. Dont wait to long or people also will loose interest in it because of all promises but nothing comes.

  7. Gaia
    August 13, 2009 at 3:07 am |

    I’ve been waiting all summer to hear some news about the movies… Please make them, and do it fast! =)

  8. katikatnik
    August 13, 2009 at 5:39 am |

    Economy? That economy didn’t prevent them from sticking 20+ mil. more into SGU. I would believe that if SGA’s S5 didn’t sell more copies in its first three weeks than SG-1’s S10 did in its first three weeks – and that DESPITE bad economy.

  9. kzap333
    August 13, 2009 at 7:08 am |

    Meh? This makes me sad but not surprised, shame that the SG1 set had to be destroyed to make way for the SGU set, more reason to hate that show if it’s not perfect.
    I doubt we’ll get many more SG1 movies, I reckon we’ll get 2 more SG1 films tops and 3 SGA and then they will be gone forever.

  10. rylett
    August 13, 2009 at 7:57 am |

    the fans would purchase the dvds no matter what the economy. they are expending all of their time, energy and money on SGU.

  11. Buddybear
    August 13, 2009 at 9:05 am |

    I don’t believe that they have any scrips written they have been to busy pouring all their time and money into SGA’s replacement and their new baby.

    The closer that we get to the big premire of there new show they will continue to drop these little bits of hope for SGA fans in hope that we will watch it.

    It would be very funny if SGU sinks after taking the place of a show that rose up from the ocean and into our hearts.

    I am still very bitter about the treatment of SGA I do hope SGU sinks. Everyone that I know has said they are not going to watch.

    Hey just think if you guys trim that huge cast of sgu down you might just have enough money to make the movie.

  12. vss
    August 13, 2009 at 11:03 am |

    Thanks for bringing up that interview with BW last April, Darren. Personally, I think there’s more going on here than worry over DVD sales. Whatever it is, I’m hoping they get these movies going soon while the fans still care.

  13. Atlantis Rocks
    Atlantis Rocks
    August 13, 2009 at 12:22 pm |

    Unbelievable truly unbelievable, what’s so different now to what it was like a year ago like when they cancel SGA, nothing that’s what, so they axe SGA with a pack of lies about it going to movies JUST so they could spend all the money plus some on SGU!

    I agree vss there is far more going on here, than just the economy worries, because the economy hasnt stopped then throwing money at SGU has it! This is just so wrong on so many levels!

  14. Gateman2000
    August 13, 2009 at 12:47 pm |

    Boo! If they have the scripts and the budget, then make the damn movies. Stargate viewers will come up with the money one way or another for the DVDs.

  15. Sylvia
    August 13, 2009 at 1:24 pm |

    Well, that just sucks!
    They certainly have enuf money to throw at SGU, and there is no evidence that the SG1 movies and SGA Season 5 DVDs did poorly, in fact they have all done quite well. So I don’t buy that argument for a minute. They are so wrapped up with lust and love for their newest baby they have no time for the many previously loyal fans of their previous shows.
    A pox on their house, I say!
    If I ever thought I might give SGU a chance (and I was beginning to lean that way), this has destroyed any interest I might have had.
    You know, I cannot believe how angry I still am at how they cancelled SGA and have been dismissing SG1 and SGA.

  16. shepsgirl4ever
    August 13, 2009 at 2:24 pm |

    What a complete load of drivel, jeus christ how much crap are they going to try an spin us. Found the money for SGU didnt, SGA going to movies YEAH RIGHT it was never gonna happen thats plain to see,this just sucks, I knew this all along but keep hoping that I might be just overeacting an might just be reading more into things an that things were stated out of context BUT NO this is just, “orr so anrgy” cant type what I really want to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well thats it for me, no movies, no fan, goodbye

  17. AscendedTauri
    August 13, 2009 at 3:20 pm |

    My God… the people on here are such doom and gloom about everything.

    When they have a new series taking up the entire production department with a set deadline fast approaching, they just don’t have the manpower until production wraps on Season 1! In fact, it’s amazing they went ahead and wrote the scripts already! People, they will come. Be patient and enjoy that you have ANY Stargate on the horizon.

  18. Sylvia
    August 13, 2009 at 3:40 pm |

    @AscendedTauri from my point of view, I don’t have ANY Stargate on the horizon, seeing as I won’t be watching SGU.

  19. Atlantis Rocks
    Atlantis Rocks
    August 13, 2009 at 4:43 pm |

    @AscendedTauri, you may have a new Stargate to look forward to to, an I hope you enjoy I really do. But spare a thought for those that dont have a new show to look forward, as SGU is about as appealing as watching paint dry this is just IMHO for me Stargate died 1 year ago with the axing of SGA, so I couldnt give a fig fart about SGU not watching an dont care. The only reason I am still even bothering with this site is for SGA movie news, nothing more nothing less, so please forgive if there is no postive comments.

  20. Spaceballs
    August 13, 2009 at 5:07 pm |

    WTF, this is crap, another excuss, that just dosnt do it, the only word I can think of is CRAP! only want to hear about SGA an maybe SG1 as no new Stargate to revel in, yes another one also not watching.

  21. jermdavid
    August 13, 2009 at 6:16 pm |

    If they make these movies now, the DVD’s won’t come out til next fall. Who knows what the economy will be like then. Just make them. I’ll buy them. That’s 50 buck, get started.

  22. AscendedTauri
    August 13, 2009 at 8:11 pm |

    @buddybear: YES, they have actually written the scripts, BOTH of them.

    What really grinds me about the ‘doom and gloom’ is it’s all I hear. Last year, every Atlantis news story was all “I hate Woolsey” “bring back Weir” “I liked Season 1” “what happened to Carter?” “the acting is bad” “the writing is bad” “they’ve run out of ideas”

    suddenly… Atlantis isn’t on and it’s like a rainbow suddenly opened up in people’s eyes about how glorious everything was.

    About SGU: I’m SICK of people being all pi$$y about a show they havn’t even seen yet! And then, reading people’s comments, it’s like the don’t know the first thing about what’s really been developed for the new show.

    Ya know what helps? Read Mallozzi’s blog. Even if ya don’t like the guy, it’s the BEST source for information on allll aspects of Stargate (like for instance, the NUMEROUS discussions about both these movie scripts).

    My whole point is: be patient, but also be informed and reasonable.

  23. dragonias
    August 13, 2009 at 8:16 pm |

    this is frustrating and like you am also frustrated and annoyed at the movement of deadlines….

    But consider this… Not only are resources being pumped into SGU, but you have also got Amanda doing sanctuary as well as the other projects that the cast members are working on.

    Also consider this when deciding whether or not to give SGU a go. How many of you were Naysayers when Atlantis first spun-off? where would the franchise have been if we all had decided that that was it.. weren’t gonna give atlantis a go because, at the time, it was set to replace stargate?

    By helping Universe become profitable, and giving it a decent margin, it means the studio can then use that money to pump into Atlantis and SG-1 movies…. if Universe tanks, MGm loses money, SyFy loses money, and the bottom falls out of the whole franchise.

    If you are a true fan, you will at least give Universe a go. Give it time to get off the ground and actually WATCH some of it before totally dismissing it.
    I will… and thats even though we probably won’t get it over here in aus for another 2 years.

  24. dragonias
    August 13, 2009 at 8:21 pm |

    nicely put Tauri… and for the record i look forward to seeing woolsey.. picardo is a great actor, and the character has grown so much (yes, thats right, i live in aus and haven’t seen it yet!!! lol).. and all the doom about jewel staites character etc. etc. etc.

    come on guys (and gals)

  25. Sylvia
    August 13, 2009 at 9:01 pm |

    I’m a true fan… of Atlantis, not the franchise.
    So don’t tell me to watch something I have no interest in. If it didn’t have Stargate in the name, I wouldn’t have even considered watching it in the first place, given all the drama and angst that are supposed to take place (definitely not a BSG later season fan here!).
    And I think I kind of looked forward to seeing Atlantis when it came out, then I had two Stargate shows to watch at the same time.
    There was certainly none of the feelings of betrayal and dismay that the cancellation and subsequent (one day later) announcement of SGU engendered.

  26. flmatthew
    August 13, 2009 at 9:31 pm |

    Oh B.S.. The economy is the do all, be all word for everyone who has an excuse. Look at the movie receipts for the summer. Trek made tons of money as did all the sci-fi out there. People are getting Netflix in record numbers and people are buying the remake of “Children of the Gods”. Did the economy stop that? No! I’m tired of excuses from this bunch and from the Sci-Fi channel (syfy). If they don’t want to pay the actors or can’t write a good story then move on but don’t push this crap down our throats. Hey, better cancel SGU. Haven’t you heard, the ECONOMY is bad. Really?

  27. EryasDax
    August 13, 2009 at 10:21 pm |

    Amen brother “AscendedTauri.” :-)

    Brad Wright and Robert Cooper haven’t let us down yet. We will find out about SG:U in less than 2 months. Also, the next SG-1 movie should begin production after SG:U wraps season one.

    Personally, I would say that we Stargate fans are very, very lucky.

    Be patient grasshopper. :-)

  28. Orion Coran
    Orion Coran
    August 13, 2009 at 11:32 pm |

    Well said AscendedTauri. Well said.

    It seems people don’t have patience. Kinda selfish, in my humble opinion. You (the naysayers) cut these people up (BW, RCC, etc.) and all, yet you expect them to make these movies. TPTB can only do so much…People expect them to do so much at once. We saw this once before and it exhausted TPTB. (SG-1 seasons 8,9,10 and SGA seasons 1,2,3.)

    If you have patience, waiting for SGU’s first season to wrap up, they will probably move onto the movies and film them. When they will release the two movies on DVD is another story when people have money in their wallets to go out and buy the DVD.

    The economy is bad people if you haven’t noticed. I think people are gonna go out and buy food for their family over buying a DVD movie. Yes, some die hard fans will still buy it even if money is tight, but the majority of people that watch the Stargate franchise don’t represent the fan community online.

    Again, well said AscendedTauri. Patience is needed more than ever in this world. :P

  29. katikatnik
    August 14, 2009 at 3:15 am |

    @flmatthew: I agree about bad economy being an excuse. This year’s scifi projects didn’t flop because of bad economy but because they were lame and badly written. Look at Star Trek’s amazing success and tell me how this “bad economy” influenced it.

    I don’t get how TPTB can cite bad economy when every idiot can go and check sale numbers on the net – and they prove just the opposite: SGA’s S5 keeps selling more units than S4 and definitely more than S3. Do we look like idiots?

    On the other hand – this time, SyFy can’t be blamed, it’s totally on MGM’s head. SyFy announced that they are willing to air the movies as soon as they are done – check out their Twitter. If maybe MGM didn’t stick 20+ mil. more into SGU, they could have made three movies for that (IIRC, the SG-1 films cost 7 mil.?). They decided where they priorities are. Well, I decided where mine are too.

  30. shepsgirl4ever
    August 14, 2009 at 3:24 am |

    OH RIGHT as I see it now according to those that like SGU, you can ONLY be a fan of SGA or Stargate in general, if you support SGU, right then, an if you want to support SGA watch SGU, sorry WTF! First you have to like the idea of SGU, then you have to like the some of the cast choices, then it helps if you like drama that involes ansgst a finally again it helps if you like character driven crap! So if you dont, just because you really liked SGA you HAVE to say I’ll still watch this even though if its not the sorta of thing I do watch ANTWHERE else in ANY genre but I want a SGA film. Sorry kinda sounds like blackmail to me. This is stupid, if you like SGU fine BUT dont shove it down thoses that dont throats an say but you should watch it! they are entitiled to say No I DONT care for it just as those are entitled to say YES I do an the inbetweeners who are waiting an seeing which way they fall. AS for the whole SG1 & SGA thing well a lot people only came into SGA because of SGA an didnt see SG1 so where do they fall, I saw SG1 yes but I liked SGA far better all round an I know some that never watched SG1 at all an still dont because Atlantis is the show they liked. How condesending is that we are JUST expected to give a go because its got Stargate in the title what happened to freedom of choice, individuals likes an dislikes, what happended to a CHOICE full stop, not everybody on the planet likes dark stuff or ansgst or character driven crap, some like the SGA type formatts, the Euerka/chuck/style stuff, good old fashion escapsim without relaity, realism ansgt stuff, just pure entertain an fun stuff, so what about that formatt, no its this or nothing, so no I dont want to watch SGU or BSG or horror films or death an gore stuff or even soaps or anything that much that focuss on character driven stories, never have done an dont have any intention to do so now JUST because its Stargate, SO WHY IN GODS NAME SHOULD I WATCH THIS JUST TO GET A SGA FILM, when I personally dont feel the show should have ben axed in the first place. There was a place for both. An with the SG1 bringing SGA the show didnt get axed they worked side by side an even introduced SGA for the better part of there last seasons, so the example is totally irrevlant IMO because you had build up to it an not one replacing the other, not just bye its gone bere’s your new one. Then we get the promise of a movie an still nothing a year on an still loads of negative BS an nothing from MGM at all, add that together an yes you get some very unhappy fans!

  31. Jazz
    August 14, 2009 at 7:30 am |

    shepsgirl4ever I understand your anger.People we all can say what we think about this we all have our own opinions and we also should respect the opinions of others, and dont blame others if they dont like or agree with things that are going on. Do they play with us? Sure they do. And you know what we let let them.
    Fans are pissed and they have the right to be pissed.I dont think fans are the only ones that are pissed or sad about axing SGA and SG-1 and how it happend. I think the cast from SGA is just as sad about it,but they have to move on and lot of them did.They cant stay around the corner because they said there would be a movie for SGA. Its a while now and still nothing happens. Like we they also have to have work to support their family so they movie on. Hopefuly there will be the SGA movie and the cast from then have the time to do this.If they now let it all depends on how SGU would go well I dont know. Some will love it and some wont. I think that is even unsure of how it will go. Ofcourse the pilot always is good. Lets look a bit further and wait until a few episodes has been on tv. I have seen some things I dont like about SGU but we can talk more about when we seen more of it then we have seen this far.
    But I agree that they have been putting all in SGU at the moment, and its very sad there’s an delay in making the 3rd Sg-1 movie and the SGA movie. Yes SGU takes a huge part and yes gans are pissed they looking forward to both movies, and the longer they wait the less interest they show.But fans are loyal so when it comes they will sure buy both movies, but why wait any longer time flies so does moeny they know that.Make those movies!

  32. Gateman2000
    August 14, 2009 at 7:44 am |

    I still think the economy thing is a bunch of BS. They have everything they need to start but it is TPTB’s fault if these do not get produced.

  33. US06154
    August 14, 2009 at 8:39 am |

    What would be ironic is, if the sales from SGA S5 would be used to fund production costs (In these “dire economic times”)for SGU. WOuldn’t that be a kick in the teeth for us SGA fans?

    The proverbial carrot of SGU and SGA movies still dangle, to keep us lemmings still interested in SGU. has anyone looked at the SGU’s charter design (What they told us about the show then, and how different it would be than SG1/SGA) and how it looks now (a weak replica of SGA with more daytime opera?

    George Lucas may have written the Best Space Opera with Star Wars, but these guys are trying to top that with a whack at a Space Soap Opera. :)

  34. Buddybear
    August 14, 2009 at 9:01 am |

    I think some of the posts on here are from TPTB themselves LOL keep up with all the reasons why we should watch SGU it is just going through one ear and out the other, I WILL NOT watch SGU and don’t tell me what a true fan is or a loyal fan.

    Also the comment about poor scrips and complaing about SGA if you look back it had nothing to do with the actors or the show it was the TPTB’S lack of caring about the show they where already dreaming up a replacement and they didn’t care what happened with SGA. The episodes where mostly rewrites of SG1 I wonder if they will be rewriting BSG episodes for SGU it would not suprise me.

  35. katikatnik
    August 14, 2009 at 9:19 am |

    I have to agree with shepsgirl4ever – patronizing comments like “be glad that there’s any Stargate show” are really aggravating and the “watch SGU, make it successful and you’ll get your movies eventually” implications really do smack of blackmail. I don’t want a new show, I want my old show back and since that’s not possible, I want the promised movie. What’s wrong with that?

    I can wait but they’ve been dancing around the production date for a year now and “eventually” and “soon” and “waiting for the opportunity” is quickly growing old. I think that they shouldn’t have promised the movies in the first place if the situation was this uncertain to begin with.

  36. Goshawk
    August 14, 2009 at 9:58 am |

    Look.. i’ve been a Stargate fan since SG1 first hit our tv screens. I’ve followed it through every season and was as equally captivated by Atlantis when that came along. Like a large proportion of Fans, I was devastated by the news of SGA’s cancellation. It felt like a kick to the stomach. And the way it was dealt with only poured salt into an already gaping wound.

    I don’t pretend to try and understand the politics behind it. They simply cancelled the show. Period. I didn’t ask them to do it and I also wasn’t consulted on what i’d like to see as it’s replacement. As a loyal Fan to the franchise however, I do take issue with people telling me what I should watch.

    I like Star Trek: TOS. And I like Star Trek: Generations. I don’t like Voyager and I don’t like Deep Space Nine. I loved the three original Star Wars movies, but simply didn’t take to the later ones. My point is that, just because it’s got ‘Stargate’ patched in front of it, doesn’t mean it’ll appeal to me. I’ve seen all the trailers. I’ve read the interviews. I’ve seen production photographs and a whole boatload of stuff that’s spiralled out to promote the show over the past few months.

    The end result is that I am just not interested. It doesn’t appeal to me. You can ram it down my throat as much as you want. It won’t change a thing.

    So, why then do I constantly have to hear folks saying, ‘You can’t be a true fan.’? Or, ‘You can’t be a loyal fan’?


    If you want to watch SGU, then that’s cool. I see no problem with that. But just because i’m not about to pull on my fleece and ‘Baa’ in line with the rest of you, doesn’t give anyone the right to insult my intelligence with phrases like, ‘Watch the show-… and you can have your movie’. Please..

  37. Imitation Tofu
    Imitation Tofu
    August 14, 2009 at 12:19 pm |

    “suddenly… Atlantis isn’t on and it’s like a rainbow suddenly opened up in people’s eyes about how glorious everything was.”

    That’s because the bad parts of Atlantis pale in comparison to the spoilers released so far for Universe.

    “Ya know what helps? Read Mallozzi’s blog. Even if ya don’t like the guy, it’s the BEST source for information on allll aspects of Stargate”

    Only if you like spin disguised as information.

  38. Stryse
    August 14, 2009 at 1:44 pm |

    I wonder if they’ve given any thought to going an alternate route with continuing these series.

    Torchwood just did a wonderful 5-part miniseries for their third season.

    If the DVD climate is bad, maybe there is opportunity to consider a different format.

    Personally, while I did enjoy Ark of Truth, I thought it was a terrible way to wrap up two seasons worth of build-up and story-development.

    It deserved a better conclusion.

    With Atlantis, the final season was never written to be such. I think there should be an Atlantis mini-series anyway just to transition the show from weekly series to movie format.

  39. Joycelm2
    August 14, 2009 at 2:01 pm |

    Here’s a thought, if they were so worried about the recession an down turn in sales NOW an all that jazz, then WHY did they cancel a well loved high rating show, with a good fan base already, under the guise of going out on top an moving it to DVD movies, to replace with a untried as of yet unknown format. New cast, New set, a whole heap of new expenditure, PR an marketing, which they seem to be throwing money at like its going out of fashion. Instead of sticking with a tried an tested product they know that performed well an would most likely make a profit therefore not much of a gamble, wait for the market to recover an the recession not biting as hard, THEN test waters an do SGU an be in a better position to do the movies an make a bigger profit.! Because there is not much difference between now an this time last year. SO WHY are they so concerned NOW an using all these excuses for NOT MAKING THE MOVIES. I might not be in business but even that makes sense to me or even do a business analysis an forecast to see if it was a variable project. Unless of course its all BS an PTB an just wanted a reason to cancel Atlantis an just feed the fans a line an expect us to accept it.

  40. AbstractAlien
    August 14, 2009 at 2:22 pm |

    This is great news! SGA was a big pile of generic cheese, with little creativity or imagination, and awful contrived stories. I can only hope the film never gets made. Go bad economy!! One can only hope SGU will bring *proper* aliens (i.e. not the conservatively uncreative bipeds ect), innovative stories and decent sci-fi to the fold.

  41. katikatnik
    August 14, 2009 at 2:51 pm |

    Dear AbstractAlien, don’t forget that the same writers who wrote the “big pile of generic cheese, with little creativity or imagination, and awful contrived stories” write also SGU!

  42. US06154
    August 14, 2009 at 3:22 pm |

    @ AbstractAlien: generic cheese?, well if you are hoping to find anything other than the “Generic Cheese” (perhaps mushrooms, peppers and sausage), You may not find any, as the same people “with little creativity or imagination, and awful contrived stories” are writing this series as well :) SGA Forever !!!

  43. digitalred93
    August 14, 2009 at 5:08 pm |

    Stryse has a great idea with having SG-1 and SGA done as mini-series ala Torchwood. SyFy could create special events with these two and if they’re smart, don’t let the DVD’s come out until AFTER they’ve aired. Have the airing be first.

    Personally, I’m excited to see SGU but as mentioned by others here and elsewhere, I don’t think the series will have the same sense of ‘greatness’ that SG-1 and SGA had. I WANT my heroes to have close ties with each other, care deeply about their planet and their countries, and be excited by their discoveries. I want those discoveries to have some connection to Earth’s cultures and history. Then it matters more to me as the viewer.

    And yeah, as a shipper, I want the overlong promised confirmation that’s been dangled in front of my face for over a year now. Plus, the idea of Atlantis still sitting over San Francisco bay is screaming for its own resolution.

    Here’s to MGM, SyFy, and Brad Wright (and Cooper) to realizing how they can get these two stories out there…NOW.

  44. AbstractAlien
    August 14, 2009 at 5:11 pm |

    yep, and it sounds like they’ve managed to get their act together finally :) even Russel T Davies managed to do something good after 4 years of turgid rubbish, when he did the last Torchwood series! theres always hope! :D

  45. GateMark
    August 14, 2009 at 6:13 pm |

    I rememer BRAD WRIGHT saying in his GateWorld interview last Fall that he couldn’t understand why Stargate fans were upset. The franchise was going strong on it’s “4 Legs”, SG:U, SG-1 movies, SG:A Movie, and the computer game. Well, it looks like the fans are down to 1 leg now.
    It is August ’09 now, with a delay….say 6 months tops….we may not see another SG-1 or SG:A movie until 2011 at the soonest!!! I can see perfectly well why some fans are upset. I know I am. And I fully intend on watching SG:U this October.

  46. editorguy
    August 14, 2009 at 7:29 pm |


    Ever want to know why this place has become a flood of whiny people?

    Because.. way back when SG-1 Season 7 began to air, and that high shot pushed in to reveal a naked Daniel Jackson back from being ascended… the Fans that Be (or TFTB as I like to call them) got it into their heads that THEY were the cause of it. That they get to make the decision that shape the way this show goes.

    But TFTB, well… they’d better get what they want or *gasp*

    They’ll stop watching. (Or at least they will pretend to)

    I have news. Millions of people watch this show around the globe. And of those millions, there are about 10 who actually have the power to control any of this.

    So be quiet and enjoy what comes out when it comes out.

  47. Imitation Tofu
    Imitation Tofu
    August 14, 2009 at 7:38 pm |

    Ya vol, herr editorguy! We shall all strive to be as passive and meek as you!

  48. flmatthew
    August 15, 2009 at 12:46 am |

    You all say wait. Wait for What. SGU is already on Hiatus. Yep they are! They already have em in the can for the first part of syfy’s year. So whats holding em back now. Thank god other minds are out there with sci fi coming. V’s coming as well as others. At least they will give us a break from these guys.

  49. Atlantis Rocks
    Atlantis Rocks
    August 15, 2009 at 5:23 am |

    You know what I had couple days to chew the fat as it were, about these comments. An I think I’ve now made my mind up, the way this has been so badly handled from day one an the whole SGU thing an the bitching in the fandom, this whole us an them thing is so distasteful, now leads to think that I’m done with New Age Stargate they can keep it, it used to be fun thinking about Stargate watching Stargate an interacting with other fans, now it seems you just have to justify your reasons for either not liking or liking SGU or SGA or even if you liked both why you did an there’s always someone on either side to bash people down or that’s what it seems to me an the nit picking over this an that its just got silly as far as I‘m concerned.

    I don’t think I can be really bothered with TPTB anymore if this is there view for the future or New Age Stargate in general. I done well an truly done, the only thing I wanted as no season 6 was at least a movie or two FAT CHANCE of that now. TTPB you can keep SGU an you precious little franchise, I just don’t care anymore, I’m still SGA though but this mess you created no. Never was a there a better time to move on because this is just a farce. I don’t think its even worth looking on this site or anywhere anymore for news, if it happens I’ll be over the moon when I see a DVD in the shops showing SGA movie, if not as I suspect here’s hoping that the SGA actors get some new shows soon, now that is something I will be actively looking for.

    But New Age Stargate as whole NO, no longer interested thanks, I‘ve just had a belly fall!

  50. Sue_Jackson
    August 15, 2009 at 9:55 am |

    I’ll just be happy when these movies come out.

  51. flmatthew
    August 15, 2009 at 9:13 pm |

    Fans WERE the reason “Star Trek” came back, yes FANS. Paramount has a billion dollar empire in Trek. You who run this site would like to ignore the power of the fan, the consumer. Well, either you and the guy in Scotland will have something to talk about or we’ll have more bandwidth to consume.

  52. domdom
    August 16, 2009 at 9:27 am |

    Whoa it’s just a lame as explanation.
    How TPTB can tell us the movie is postponed once again coz financial issues where the same TPTB have just announced SGU’s budget increased 1M than SGA per eps if I remember well at the comic con 2009?
    How can they tell this when the reason of the SGA cancellation was the cost( cost a lot to produce, not enough return on their investment?
    they whimed about SGA budget why TPTB don’t use it for SGA. Budget was not the real reason of the cancellation they obtained more for SGU.
    In addition money doesn’t make success as the spec effects. You need actors and I’m not sure you got them. Known actors seems here to hide the lack of originality. SAD
    In August 2008 it was a good time for SGA to move on other format movie and straight DVD It was the great opportunity. It was a great chance to get bigger budget for a big format.
    Now they told us the turndown DVD market compromise this success. How don’t they see this when they took the decision? God They had the successful show in their hands!!
    Now they got more important budget for SGU they will have to obtain bigger success to earn their return on their investement and this it’s not sure at all.
    Listen all the comments about their last attempt to regain our trust and their viewers they lost.
    They’ve just want we wait for SGU that’s all and IMO they’ve never the intention to produce the movie.
    I bought all SG1 boxes till 8th season and the 5 seasons boxes of SGA and I’m sure of it will be the last franchise Stargate purchase from me and it’s painful to say this coz I follow the show from the beginning. In addition don’t tell us the DVD SGA sells are not so profitable. 100.000 sold the first week.
    Stop to not the tell the real truth.
    Both tried to explain us why movies are postponed by MGM with some approximate explanations.
    They tried to tell us they are waiting for the good moment good opportunity to produce movie. For reminding In August 2008 it was the good moment to cancel SGA and move to bigger format. It was a great opportunity and good time for it.
    In fact these men don’t want to tell us they are afraid of not getting their return on investment.
    It’s odd because they got 1M more per ep for SGU and they are don’t afraid of not getting their return on investement in that case.
    Do they really expect for their return on investement when their budget is bigger and SGU took a bad start?
    And it would be the reason why SGA movie( and SG1 movie) has not gotten the green light from MGM.
    In addition, They knew SGA like series was successful and they got some garanties concerning their return on investement. They had their loyal fan base and now some of us turn their back from them and the franchise. SAD and WASTE.
    Can they tell that for SGU?
    So they took the risk with bigger budget with SGU without tasting the waters and without worries about their investement when they had a successful show in their hands being able to insure their audience.
    Their explantions are not so clear enough and confused enough to hurt us again. It just looks like a mess.
    Who are they trying to kid?
    IMO they are just afraid their new poor toy doesn’t be a success.
    Lame and pitiful

  53. Orion Coran
    Orion Coran
    August 16, 2009 at 2:36 pm |

    You know, I have noticed people have been saying that the economy is just an excuse and is total BS. Guess what, do you want them to risk making these movies, which TPTB said will mostly be standalone, they happen to bomb because DVD sales are down, leading to them to decide to not make anymore movies. Do you really want that?

    Like I said in a earlier post, the economy is bad. People will spend their money based on their needs such as making sure they have dinner that night over buying a DVD movie in this economic climate. The only ones who would buy the movie are most likely die-hard fans. The casual viewer won’t buy them and they are the ones who make up the viewing audience. Not the online community. Not the die-hard fans.

    If you wait for them to finish filming season 1 of SGU, which ends in October, I bet you we will see them work on the SG-1 and SGA movies between season 1 and 2 SGU (if they get picked up for season 2.) So, yes, you need patience.

  54. flmatthew
    August 17, 2009 at 6:27 pm |

    Darren Sumner
    Owner and Managing Editor

    David Read
    No, I get it. I listen to the two of you all the time. Hey, it’s your site and your opinion and if you two are want to stay in good graces with the creators that certainly is your right. It’s just obvious that using the economy is a blatant lie. Funny how many others agree. And if you look at the studio schedule they are making some real crap that no one will ever watch. Life goes on. If they don’t make the movies, they don’t. Other sci-fi shows will pop up and we will fall in love with them. Cooper needs to remember that it was just timing and luck that gave them 10 years or 15 counting all shows. Sci-Fi was new and needed a lead but times have changed and I don’t think its going to happen again. They should have fought for Atlantis even if it meant shopping it to others. It would have also helped if their hearts would have stayed in the show. I’ll never understand why these “artists” walk away from millions of bucks to seek further fame. Hell, they only care about the fans when we go crazy by going to the conventions (which gee aren’t free) and anything that puts a buck in their pocket. If they had to do anything for free their concern would dry up and blow away. Beam me up Scotty.

  55. majorsal
    August 17, 2009 at 9:37 pm |

    i don’t care about the state of the economy right now; i just want to enjoy the movies. i want to be entertained, without thinking about how much money ptb want to make.

    if the movies were to be released next year, but didn’t make what the ptb wanted… re-mix the movies and add a bunch of fan-loving things (deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, bloopers) and put the movies back on the market. believe me, we’ll buy it ‘again’.

  56. Crystal
    August 18, 2009 at 5:38 am |

    Yet another excuse, well I for one dont believe it, in fact I now believe nothing these people have to say an as for MGM they should just make a statement one way or the other an be done with it. But no we are just being strung along in the hope we will all fall in love SGU :-(

  57. nudgeerulz
    August 19, 2009 at 6:25 am |

    omg this sounds like a totally big excuse so they can try get all their fans back to watch sgu because they lost alot of them 1 of them is me i was soooooooo totally lookin forward to those sg1 & sga movies comming out soon now i have to wait well at least i’ve got all the seasons of sg1&the movies to watch same with all the sga seasons. BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE WATCHING SGU SOUND BORING MY FRIEND THINK THE SAME

  58. nudgeerulz
    August 19, 2009 at 6:43 am |


  59. majorsal
    August 19, 2009 at 6:03 pm |

    everyday i come online, hoping to see that the postponed decision has been reversed… :(

  60. Trelar
    August 19, 2009 at 11:20 pm |

    I thought Atlantis was next in turn for a movie deal after first 2 SG1 movies (going back to discussion back when Atlantis was canned after successful ratings). SG1 ran 10 years & gets first 2 movies & a 3rd movie now before any other. Back when Atlantis first got canned (there was mention Atlantis would get next movie) said for business reasons after 5 years and still no movie confirmed and talk of delay. Maybe if just a small amount of that money for new SG1 movie & new series could of been shared we could see an Atlantis movie (or hoped back then for a 6th season Atlantis. It was as if Atlantis was pushed out the back door with empty promises. Which reconfirms the recent note online that the Atlantis set is still standing & costing rent with no idea if & when will be used.

  61. Imitation Tofu
    Imitation Tofu
    August 20, 2009 at 10:27 am |

    It’s pretty obvious what’s going on. The Atlantis movie is never going to be made. They’re stringing along the fans because they want a good turnout for Universe.

  62. How do I love thee? Let me count the Bits. « Mandy Anne Murray
    October 23, 2009 at 4:05 pm |

    […] are working on an Atlantis movie, I got very excited. then I read this article, on how the “economy” is delaying the movie (and some SG:1 ones?). Bummer, dude. Hopefully Obama fixes it soon so I can get me some good Stargate […]

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