Screen Capture Gallery: SG-1 DVD movies

Our last installment of the year brings you the DVD movies Ark of Truth and Continuum!


A Stargate crewmember at the Arctic

This is it! For the year 2009 the DVD special features section of the GateWorld Gallery is now complete.

It was our mission to bring you all of SG-1‘s special features before the arrival of Stargate Universe and we are proud to say that we have fulfilled our goal — just barely! For North American viewers, this Friday will begin a new adventure.

This final installment sees the addition of the two SG-1 DVD movies to the special features section, totalling five galleries and more than 1,800 images of the cast and crew! Plus, one or two special guests including Barry Campbell, the man responsible for getting the team to the Arctic, and Jaymie Matthews, an astrophysicist who explains the complexities of traveling through time.

Ark of Truth
Stargate at Comic-Con (207 images)
Uncovering the Ark of Truth (571 images)

The Making of Stargate Continuum (481 images)
Stargate Goes to the Arctic (479 images)
The Layman’s Guide to Time Travel (79 images)

“Umm … When will you be adding Atlantis special features?” Great question! We plan on bringing all five seasons of screen captures from the DVD special features when SGU goes on its mid-season break. So stay tuned!

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