Screen Capture Gallery: SG-1 Season Eight

More than 1,500 screen captures from the SG-1 Season Eight box set have been added this week.

dvdfeatures_sep7The GateWorld Gallery has seen major additions this past week, from Comics and Magazines to Toys and Games. But this page, as always, is dedicated to the Special Features Screen Captures section, which introduces SG-1 Season Eight.

The Season Eight DVD box set included three Directors Series featurettes, as well as a feature which followed Richard Dean Anderson to Washington D.C. and Christopher Judge to a Chicago Stargate convention. In addition, the creation of the Super Soldier is covered as well.

Below is a complete breakdown of all of the new screen capture pages!

Beyond the Gate: Air Force Experience with RDA (160 images)
Beyond the Gate: Convention Experience with Chris Judge (386 images)
Directors Series: 806 Avatar (283 images)
Directors Series: 808 Covenant (256 images)
Directors Series: 816 Reckoning (477 images)
Super Soldier: The Making of a Monster (190 images)

Expect the Ninth Season Special Features to be screen-grabbed and at your disposal one week from today, right here on GateWorld!

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