Screen Capture Gallery: SG-1 Season Nine

Nearly 4,500 images from the Season Nine DVD special features are now available for viewing in the gallery!


Ben Browder

It has been quite a summer for the GateWorld Gallery. The DVD Special Features screen captures section is one that we have been toying with for some time, but the complete breadth of the content made it an almost insurmountable task.

Still, we are pushing forward, and this week we are proud to include SG-1 Season Nine to the gallery!

This year introduced newcomers Cameron Mitchell, Hank Landry and Carolyn Lam to the Stargate universe, and made fan favorite Vala Mal Doran a more integral part of the show.

Below is a complete breakdown of the galleries. Enjoy!

An Introduction to Ben Browder (628 images)
Directors Series: 901-902 Avalon (341 images)
Directors Series: 905 The Powers That Be (369 images)
Directors Series: 909 Prototype (495 images)
Directors Series: 915 Ethon (326 images)
Directors Series: 919 Crusade (294 images)
Inside the Stargate Props Department (487 images)
Inside the Stargate Special Effects Department (676 images)
It Takes a Crew to Raise a Village (505 images)
Profile on Brad Wright (305 images)

Nine down, one to go! And then we move on to DVD movies! Stay tuned.

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